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Anita's Journey: Conquering "Space Invaders" - CT/ECG, PICC Line, and Beyond

This is part of our cancer blogging  series.  
This blog post belongs to Anita Baker this section was written on 
8th July, 2023
Updated: 29th January, 2024
Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

This is a continuation of Anita's story, her previous post can be found here

The Pub

The Chequers got my full attention - Quiz night then Darts then just because its Friday and Saturday made couples friends who we had seen before but properly cemented this relationship……  Oh I did get to see my hubby's family on Saturday my Nieces and Nephews and some happier news which I won't share just yet 🙂

Now today 12th April 2023 - ECG tomorrow the CT and on it goes…

I have to say the ECG team I met yesterday were amazing.

I had such a giggle.  We decided that they are "professional cuddlers"…..  One of the ladies had breast cancer herself so totally understood my pre-empt of slug eyebrows (microblading) prior to losing my hair.  It was nice to feel human again in this process.  My breast nurse called yesterday too which was to confirm the next 2 appointments one of which will be a video call, the other for my PICC Line to be put in…. 

The more reading I do the more it gets real. I didn't even think about having to keep the PICC line dry when showering 🙁 So now I am into a whole new world of PICC Line cover ups and waterproofing - ohhh the excitement!

An old friend

I had a very weird message come through on FB from an old school friend who I was really close with up to about 15 years ago.  I posted a pic of Elephants doing funny stuff and put a quote "I have decided to live my life like an elephant" you need to see the videos to understand fully, but she picked up and said are you ok saw your post and was a bit worried - one of those friends who never lost touch with my feelings and got from one sentence I might be "Not Ok".  I told her about the Space Invader as I haven't told many people really. I just want to be as normal as possible until I am not.

CT is this evening then Darts at my 2nd Home The Chequers tonight….  Pub Friends may join us 🙂 

Well CT was an experience

Conversation went something like ... you might get hot and have a metallic taste in your mouth ... oh and also you might feel like you have wet yourself.  What!!!! Apart from the fact I was told I needed to wear a gown and  no metal items and that it would take an hour and they managed to poison me and do the scan in 10 mins with no clothes change… Perhaps the whole process needs to be reviewed. These letters they send make you wary then it's nothing!  Oh except another bruise - in my hand this time…

So now waiting for the Chemo team to call me and arrange the PICC Line and treatment, I really want my week's holiday first if possible one last hurrah before the unknown madness begins…..

Monday afternoon I got the call about another barrage of what I have to do! 

Blood test Friday 21st Chemo team chat Friday 21st 3pm. 

Then Monday 9am PICC Line goes in - the waterproof cover arrived too so I can shower easier, then D Day Chemo starts on 26th 9am - to say I am scared is an understatement. I wanted my week off to prepare, and spend some quality time with hubby before the madness began… but that has been stopped as NHS has deadlines and I am not allowed to control my life anymore. 

Yes, I sound ungrateful but I have been a mum since I was 17 and have always had to run my work and home life so along with losing my Hair/Nails and social life I actually feel like a nothing.  If they are trying to break me it is working. I just want to be me. I need to be in control. My head can't take this intrusion - I HATE YOU Space Invader…………..

Friday is here blood test done

Waiting for the call at 3pm.   The lady who did my Bloods this morning was the same one who did my first lot on the fateful Friday…. She gave me another massive hug and asked how I was.   Its so lovely that she remembered me. 

So the rollercoaster continues Monday PICC Line - the most uncomfortable thing I have to live with doesn’t sit comfortably and is not easy to look after….

Picc Line

And now the other stuff!

Started the process of looking into insurance and what I can claim - wow that’s a minefield! 

Everyone being very apologetic, but the process is still shocking, that’s one thing being a business analyst/PM has taught me make things as easy as you can (Fewer clicks, less forms).  I still do not understand why in this day and age the NHS spends fortunes on sending letters that arrive after appointments and insurers insist on a paper form we all have email addresses and can scan and send signed documents….. 

Just think of the money the NHS would save just by asking if would you prefer email or post there is a need for a shake-up!!!

Anitas story is continued here.

We strongly advise you to talk with a health care professional about specific medical conditions and treatments. The information on our site is meant to be helpful and educational but is not a substitute for medical advice.
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