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Anita's Journey: "Space Invaders" -Chemo Starts and Some Bad News

This is part of our cancer blogging  series.  
This blog post belongs to Anita Baker this section was written on 
10th July, 2023
Updated: 4th February, 2024
Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is a continuation of Anita's story, her previous post can be found here

Chemo at Luton and Dunstable Hospital - Wednesday 26th

Although it wasn’t a party was manageable - scary and weird feeling my body was being overtaken by drugs… Wednesday was literally a wipe out. got home from Hospital about 2pm and was zapped I think sick day on chemo days is definitely the one. 

So a bit about the cold cap!

Well, it was cold, but not so bad for me I am going to try and persevere it was hardest having the sick feeling with a mask and cap and being unable to remove the mask - DOH! I was ready to remove it when the final minute ticked down.

Cold Cap

If I had any dignity I think that has gone now MRSA sticks in my gob and bottom, tits out all out….

I managed to work Thursday with rest periods in between felt a bit like a really bad hangover but a Chinese sorted me out and my youngest was here for snuggles.

Then a phonecall - I need to see the consultant tomorrow as there was something wrong on my CT Scan (which was done 2 weeks ago!)… 10:30 am tomorrow and bring someone with me………………

More Bad News "Space Invader"

So this is where it's getting difficult.

I went for the meeting Dr Ryan and Louise are now my main carers, op is off the card CT showed growth/spread I am not going to go into details yet as I need to get my head straight but 28/04/2023 is one to note…………

So a little about this.

I turned 50 in 2021 I actually asked for a Mammogram and got told it would be done before I am 53! Lucky I found the Space Invader as the news from yesterday may have been too late!

My week off with Hubby things have started to absorb Chemo wasn’t too bad I just had the morning after the night before feeling for a few days but Round 1 done and dusted. 

During the week I had a visit from District Nurse to change my dressing, OMG the relief she has manipulated it so it's more comfortable - I can now brush my hair and wipe my bum again…. Woo Hoo!!!! 

I'm starting to understand how things will feel as we progress, I know it's not going to get easier but I am fighting this not necessarily to win but to have the best life I can.  I know the next 3 months will be unknown but let's just hope we can control this Space Invader.   This is what I am going to call my normal week then the whole cycle starts again on 17th May for round 2…..

Anitas story will be continued

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