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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

Anita Baker

I am 51 and have Breast Cancer.....A little about me I had my eldest daughter at 17 not really planned - I was married at 18 and had my youngest daughter at 19.  I split with my first husband when I was 26 after being together for years since school.  I worked hard from starting as a cleaner to where I am now running millions of pounds projects, and happily married to my best friend and biggest support…. I am lucky to have some very special people in my life my husband who is unconditionally my biggest support, my daughters both very different but beautiful inside and out both of whom I love unconditionally.  My Husbands family all of whom have been amazing.  My mum and stepdad who live on the south coast, my dad and my Uncle who has given us all some grief in the last few year. My son in law who has had his own hardships and still has room in his heart to love and cherish my youngest daughter.  Their marriage in Cuba was one of the most beautiful days ever…..  My grandchildren of which there are 3.  The eldest is 15 and at 36 was a bit of a surprise. The middle one is 10 and tough and she certainly will not take any rubbish. The 3rd one is just the most loving soul and all three of them make my heart sing.  My sister who is just there and always  gives me support.  I am very lucky to have 2 best friends both of whom are different but have always been in my life during the hardest and happiest times. The current lifeline is the Chequers pub, friends and staff are being so supportive and just treating me normally which is what I need right now.
Anita's Journey: "Space Invaders" -Chemo Starts and Some Bad News

"I'm starting to understand how things will progress, I know it's not going to get easier but I am fighting this not necessarily to win". Anita Baker

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Anita's Journey: Conquering "Space Invaders" - CT/ECG, PICC Line, and Beyond

“Discovering the reality of my situation through research. Didn't consider keeping PICC line dry while showering. Now diving into the world of cover-ups and waterproofing. Excitement awaits!”

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Anita's Breast Lump: A Journey Begins....THE START "Space Invader"

A Breast Lump Discovered While Showering Sends Life Into A Spin. Doctor Confirms, Referral To Breast Clinic. Appointment Set For 20th March, Anxiety Builds. Follow Anita's Story Here.

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