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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

We understand that creating a care package is not always easy and there is no perfect gift for a cancer patient. Including gift items to help your loved one feel safe in the hospital, entertained during treatment, pampered, comforted, and loved can be tricky. So we have taken this headache away from you to create a collection of thoughtful gift packages that can help you show your support.

Cancer Care Package Ideas For Any Age, Stage or Treatment

Whether you know someone who has recently received their diagnosis, is having treatment or has been living with cancer for a while, we have a range of thoughtful gifts with carefully sourced products that can help.

All our gifts are safe for any cancer treatment and you can find a box here specifically crafted for most therapies including radiotherapy treatment, surgery and chemotherapy treatment.  Some of these gifts take into account the side effects of specific therapies, such as dry skin or nausea.

We Guarantee You Will Be Happy With Your Purchase

We carefully construct each cancer care package so that you can feel secure that your gift will be welcome and offer a 100% guaranteed refund if you are not happy.

These gift packs are quickly dispatched and you can include a personal gift message.

Supporting The Cancer Community

As with all the gifts on this site, profit goes toward raising awareness, supporting charity fundraising and providing information to the wider community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a care package for someone going through cancer?

If you're looking for gift ideas for someone going through cancer, a care package can be a thoughtful and practical option. Cancer treatment can be a difficult and stressful experience, and a care package filled with practical gifts can provide much-needed comfort, support and some little lifts. These thoughtful gifts can address specific needs, such as alleviating side effects from radiotherapy treatment, chemotherapy or providing items for hospital stays. Moreover, giving a care package can make your loved one feel special and show them that you care during this difficult time. At Cancer Care Parcel, we strive to create gift packages that offer both practical items for cancer patients and emotional support and inspiration.

Are your gifts safe for individuals undergoing cancer treatment?

Absolutely! We have a strict policy that prohibits the inclusion of any items that could interfere with therapy, treatment, or its side effects. Our gifts are intended to assist cancer patients throughout their journey by addressing their current needs.

For example our:

Chemo Treatment Care Packages include practical gifts to help alleviate common side effects of chemotherapy, such as a travel toothbrush to combat unpleasant taste and ginger chews to alleviate nausea.

Radiotherapy Treatment Care Packages include items to soothe the skin and provide support, as well as gifts to help them relax during this challenging time.

Breast Surgery Care Packages include a variety of gifts to help alleviate discomfort and promote healing, including a perfectly shaped cushion for post-mastectomy, a drain bag designed specifically to fit over your shoulder for the drain to sit in without having to lift your arms or struggle, and a specially crafted pillow to attach to your seatbelt and ease discomfort during travel.

What happens to the profit earned from selling gifts on your website?

The profit earned from the sale of gifts on our website is dedicated to raising awareness, supporting charity fundraising initiatives, and disseminating knowledge to the broader community.

Is there anything you don't have in your care packages?

Yes, we purposefully exclude the following items from our collection:

Religious materials.

⨂ Anything that makes claims to cure or prevent cancer.

Flowers (which may carry infections that could be harmful to individuals with weakened immune systems due to cancer treatments like chemotherapy. You can learn more about this here).

⨂ Any mentally or physically taxing items (such as difficult puzzle books) or physically strenuous items.

We closely monitor the latest cancer research to ensure that none of our products are contraindicated. However, if you have any reservations, we suggest seeking medical advice from a qualified professional.

How do you determine which items to add in your care parcels?

To ensure that our packages are genuinely considerate, we sought out input from individuals who have faced cancer, as well as their friends and loved ones, for gift ideas. We concentrated on items that were particularly appreciated by patients and that offered comfort, indulgence, relief, and happiness. Moreover, our company's founder, who is a former breast cancer patient, supervises all of the products included in our collections.

What types of items can be found in your care packages?

Our gift baskets and care packages may contain any of the following items:

Eye masks, comfortable socks, hand sanitizer, notepads, inspirational messages, pillows, blankets, tissues, gentle skincare products, peppermint tea, water bottles, and more. We strive to include useful and comforting items that may come in handy during hospital visits, chemotherapy, or after receiving a cancer diagnosis. We aim to cover every aspect of the individual's journey.

Do you provide suitable packages for young children?

We offer care packages specifically designed for young cancer patients, containing a range of useful and entertaining items, including stuffed animals, bubbles, fun blankets, and games. Our team considers the child's circumstances when curating these packages, including providing comfort during hospital visits, surgeries, or chemotherapy treatments, as well as providing fun items for when friends or family members come to visit.

How Do Your Care Parcels Promote Positive Mental Health for Cancer Patients?

We understand that mental health is an essential aspect of cancer treatment and recovery, and our gifts aim to promote positivity and well-being during this challenging time. While we cannot claim that our gifts provide a cure for mental health issues, we strive to curate a collection of items that are comforting, uplifting, and supportive. We are also mindful of the language we use in our gifts to ensure that they do not cause any additional stress to the person receiving them. Moreover, we offer specific packages that prioritize self-care, which we recognize as a crucial aspect of the cancer journey.

How do you support people undergoing treatment?

We support people having treatment for cancer, as well as their friends, family members, and colleagues. Our approach involves creating resources that are not generally available, such as our "I HAVE CANCER" page. We also offer a Facebook group for confidential peer support, personal cancer stories, a cancer-freebies directory, and more. Our resources extend to the friends and loved ones of cancer patients, as seen on our "I HAVE A FRIEND WITH CANCER" page. Here, we offer things like free empathy eCards and a tips email course to understand how to help someone with cancer. We also have inspirational quotes, memes, cancer cartoons, and information sheets.  In addition, we partner with cancer charities to help them fundraise and raise awareness, providing gift box donations and financial support, and driving awareness campaigns.

Are there care packages specifically designed for certain types of cancer?

This is an ongoing project. We have two breast cancer categories on our site which offer care packages

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Breast Surgery

and are working on the other types of cancer.  Please check out or gift categories to see any updates.

Can I send a personalized message along with the care package?

Yes, you can add a personalized message to all the products offered on our website.

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