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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

Thoughtful Gifts For Cancer Patients

Created by experts. Covering presents for all ages and all stages.


We have created useful and meaningful gifts and care packages for your colleague, friend, or loved one. These presents are created to bring support, comfort, pampering, and a bit of joy, to anyone with a cancer diagnosis.

Please browse the sections and if you can not find what you are looking for do contact us and we will see if we can create it.  All products and care packages are designed by us and you won't find these sold by anyone else.  Profit goes towards supporting the cancer community.

Explore a wide variety of unique presents suitable and appropriate for any cancer patient

Cancer Gifts for every age and stage. We cover presents for men, women, children & teens, and all treatments, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. We also have gifts specific for the type of cancer, for example, prostate, lung or breast cancer.  Our gifts support living life to the full as much as possible, and where not possible to give pampering, peace and calm.

Our aim is to provide wonderful gifts that give comfort, relief and joy. If you are not entirely satisfied we promise a 100% refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your presents safe for any treatment?

Yes, we have a strict policy with all our gift ideas not to include anything that interferes with any type of therapy, treatment or therapy side effect. In fact, many of our presents will support cancer patients through their journey and help with the current concerns in their life. For chemo patients, for example, you can get any chemo care package from our selection and it will have items that help with common chemo side effects. Items include a travel toothbrush, to help overcome the bad taste you get from chemotherapy and ginger chews to help control nausea.  For people just recently diagnosed with cancer, we have more general comforting and pampering items to give your friends.

Is there anything you don't have in your collection of gifts?

Yes, we do not to include any of the following

⨂ Religious content.
⨂ Shampoo or other hair products.
⨂ Food, in general (although we may include certain foods that help with nausea- such as ginger hard candies or items which help with dry chemo mouth or bad mouth taste). The reasons we are careful with food products is explained in this article.
⨂ Anything that makes claims to cure or prevent cancer.
⨂ Cleaning products.
⨂ Stong scented products.
⨂ Flowers (which are not good for people with low immunity due to cancer therapies such as chemo, as they may carry an infection - you can read more about this here).
⨂ Anything mentally or physically challenging (such as hard puzzle books) or anything physically exhausting.
⨂ Beauty products and personal care products (as these are very personal to the individual).

We keep an eye on current cancer research to make sure that there are never any contraindications for any of our items. However, if you are in any doubt we would always recommend that you or the cancer patient seek appropriate professional medical advice.

How do you decide what gifts to sell?

We asked former cancer patients, people facing cancer, and their friends and family members for gift ideas, to ensure you would be buying a truly thoughtful gift. We focused on favorite gifts the patient received and items that provided comfort, pampering, relief, and joy. In addition, our company was founded by a past breast cancer patient who oversees all the products included in the collections.

We include care packages, loose fitting pants, wall art, T-shirts, lounge wear, mugs, water bottles....the list is growing all the time. Please check back in a few days if you can find that great gift you are after, we may be about to add it!

What sort of items are in your care parcels?

You might find any of the following items in a gift basket/care package.

Eye masks, a nice pair of cozy socks, hand sanitizer, a note pad, uplifting words, pillows, a blanket, tissues, gentle skin care products,  peppermint tea, water bottles.....  We like to include things that might come in handy, useful and comforting items.  Items to help with hospital visits, chemo treatment, just diagnosed...everything that relates to the persons' journey.

The list is enormous and we suggest that you look at our Cancer Care Packages section to view the specific gift boxes.


Are there any words that you don't or won't use on your printed products?

We don't say any of the following on our printed products

  • cancer survivor (such as lung or breast cancer survivor)
  • cancer survivors
  • fighting cancer

and we don't tell anyone what to do for example we won't say - Be Brave or Be Strong.

The reasons for our use of language when addressing patients are explained here

Do you provide suitable presents for young children?

Yes, we have care parcels with useful and fun items suitable for young cancer patients, such as stuffed animals and bubbles. We also consider their circumstances, for example, they may want to play games when a friend, family member or loved one visits their house, or they may need comfort when facing a hospital visit, surgery or chemo. We have gift packages to cover these. We also provide individual items such as fun loungewear and water bottles, so that you can find that special gift for your friend or loved one.

Do your gifts encourage good mental health?

We appreciate that going through cancer and cancer treatment is a stressful and anxious time for cancer patients and those around them. There may not be that one perfect gift to help your friend with everything, but we have tried to put together a collection of items that are uplifting and supportive. We have inspirational art and joyful mugs, comforting care packages and useful bags. And as mentioned above we try to avoid any language that may cause stress to the person you are gifting the items to.  We also have specific gifts to help with self-care, which may be an important consideration for your friend.

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