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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

Inspirational Cancer Quotes And Cancer Memes

Written by Dr Shara Cohen on 
20th August, 2021
Updated: 22nd February, 2022
Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

What Is A Good Quote For Cancer?

What makes good inspirational cancer quotes is a common question and it really depends on what you are using quotes for. Are you looking for inspiration for yourself? trying to cheer on a loved one or friend, looking for ways to support a family touched by cancer?

There are many uses for inspirational cancer quotes and cancer memes and we have a range for you below.

What Do You Say To Someone With Cancer?

Using cancer quotes is not always the best thing you can do for a cancer patient and sensitivity is always required. For example, there are many quotes that use the words 'fighting cancer' or 'being brave', in fact, we do use some of these below. We have posted these because the cancer patients coming to this page can pick and choose the inspirational messages that chime with them. But if you are not a cancer patient, we recommend steering away from telling cancer patients to fight cancer, that you know how they feel, or to be brave.

Not everyone likes these terminologies and sometimes telling some to be brave or to fight to make them feel that they need to dismiss their feelings and cant express that they are frightened or angry. We discuss this more in our article about What To Say To A Cancer Patient, but inspiration and positivity can come in many forms. You don't have to use inspirational cancer quotes to tell people how to behave or to encourage them not to express their feelings. They can be instead be used to show concern and that you care. Please chose what you share wisely.

So have gathered together inspirational cancer quotes and cancer memes to help everyone touched by the cancer experience. You are very free to share.

Please choose what you share wisely.

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