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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

How We Started And What We Do Now

How We Started

After Dr Shara Cohen (our founder) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 she found there was very little time to just relax,  take it all in and give herself ‘me’ time.

With all the appointments, liaising with work, telling the people who needed to be told…… there was little time to digest what was happening, research the practicalities or to just relax. There were also a few friends who found the whole situation very awkward, they avoided her as they did not know how to react or what to say. So she set up The Cancer Care Parcel, to enable children and adults with cancer to take some of the worries away and bring some calm back into their lives. Cancer Care Parcel is also an ideal gift, to let people with cancer know that you are thinking of them.

I set up Cancer Care Parcel to bring back a bit of calm into the lives of people suffering with cancer and its treatment

Shara has gone through treatment and understands some needs of people with cancer, however, we don’t rely on Shara to decide what to provide. We also consult those receiving our products and using our resources,  and our advisory board, which consists of cancer patients and survivors.

In 2024 Shara was awarded a British Empire Medal for services to Women in Stem and to Cancer Patients and their families.

Our Mission

We at Cancer Care Parcel understand the complexity and emotional weight that comes with a cancer diagnosis, not only for those who are directly affected but also for their loved ones. Our mission is to offer a supportive hand through carefully curated gifts, products, and resources, designed to provide comfort, support, and moments of joy during what can be a challenging time. By focusing on the needs of individuals at every stage of their cancer journey – from diagnosis to treatment and beyond – we've created a comprehensive platform that compassionately addresses the physical, emotional, and informative needs of the cancer community.

Our selection ranges from comforting care packages for chemotherapy and radiation patients to uplifting items that celebrate milestones and victories along the way. Each product, whether it’s a warm, soft blanket for those bedridden days or a motivational mug to start the morning, is chosen with the intention of bringing relief, encouragement, and a smile to those facing the fight against cancer. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability and community support is unwoven in every aspect of our work, ensuring that with every purchase, you're also contributing to a greater cause.

Using Profit to Support the Community

Cancer Care Parcel spends a lot of time writing and sourcing articles to benefit the cancer community.

Our primary aim is to provide some insight into what people are going through when they have cancer, with advice on

  • what to say and do
  • what not to say or do
  • which products may or may not be suitable as gifts

We also include news items and updates on research plus personal stories

Cancer Charity Fundraising

When you partner with us, we can help your charity fundraising by donating some profit from each sale of specific gift boxes.

Cancer Gift Box Donations

Where it helps a charity we can donate some of our gift boxes.  We also donate care packages to cancer patients directly when we have enough surplus funds or enough donations.

Cancer Charity Awareness Campaigns

As well as increasing awareness of your charity through our fundraising campaigns

To Find Out More And Become A Cancer Care Parcel Charity Partner

Please contact our Charity Liaison Manager

charities [@]

Sustainability Matters
Every purchase, big or small, has a footprint. But sustainability challenges don’t have a quick fix.
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