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Personal experiences of cancer written by cancer bloggers, cancer patients, survivors, friends, loved ones, professionals and carers, to help the cancer journey. We only publish positive articles and never publish claims of curing or treating cancer by non - conventional methods. This is a safe environment. 
2 January 2024
Cancer Doctor Draws Back The Curtain: A Book Review From A Radiation Oncologist Read More
10 July 2023
Anita's Journey: "Space Invaders" -Chemo Starts and Some Bad News Read More
8 July 2023
Anita's Journey: Conquering "Space Invaders" - CT/ECG, PICC Line, and Beyond Read More
8 July 2023
Anita's Breast Lump: A Journey Begins....THE START "Space Invader" Read More
12 December 2022
Turning 50, Single Mum With Metastatic Breast Cancer On Top Read More
28 September 2022
How my Cancer Experience Inspired me to Follow my Dreams. Read More
18 May 2022
Crypto Bozos NFT - "Support Cancer Awareness in Style." Read More
4 April 2022
I’m Too Healthy To Have Cancer : How Could This Happen To Me? Read More
15 March 2022
Wise Women I Have Met And What I Learned From Them Read More
7 February 2022
With A Cancer Diagnosis It Is Important To Be Inspired And Set Goals Read More
25 January 2022
Midlife Cancer Crisis: A Story Of Colon Cancer And How I Survived Read More
15 January 2022
She Did Not Lose, She Won. Read More
11 October 2021
I Am A Male Breast Cancer Survivor And This Is My Story Read More
10 October 2021
Cancer Patient Nutrition - Navigating The Nonsense after a Diagnosis Read More
6 October 2021
My Cathartic Cancer Journey: From Campaigner To Author Read More
21 September 2021
Bike & Fight: Our Motto “Bike Together – Fight Together” In Every Way Read More
18 August 2021
Beware And Be Aware – Cancer Is Not Warfare Read More
24 May 2021
It’s All Relative….A Story of Love, Loss, and At Long Last – Peace of Mind Read More
27 April 2021
A Colon Cancer WARRIOR's Journey - Forging Ahead With A Purpose Read More
1 April 2021
Journaling Through Chemo Helped Me Let Go Of The Cancer Pain Read More
15 March 2021
This Is My Story Of Surviving Bowel Cancer Read More
3 March 2021
Why ‘Good For A Grin’ Was A Great Idea By Author Brenda Burling Read More
28 February 2021
If Something Is Not Right With Your Body Make Yourself Heard Read More
25 February 2021
My Name Is Stuart Ross And This Is The Story About My Balls. Read More
27 January 2021
Still Running Strong: The Story Of A Nasopharyngeal Cancer Survivor. Read More
14 January 2021
Hope Among Us: Three Young Breast Cancer Survivors Read More
29 November 2020
I Was Recently Cured From APML Leukemia And I Wrote A Book Read More
22 October 2020
There Is No Such Thing As Normal And Every Second Is Precious. Read More
20 October 2020
Breast Cancer Tips: 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Breast Cancer Read More
9 October 2020
I Wish I Could Say That The Tough Times Go Away Eventually, But I Can’t Lie. Read More
28 September 2020
Mum, Cancer and Me:  How I Helped My Mum Fight Back From Across the Miles  Read More
27 September 2020
CANCER! what do you think of when YOU see that word? Read More
17 September 2020
Clip Knix Help Alleviate The Stress Of Putting On Underwear Read More
24 August 2020
A Dance With The Big C: Surviving Cancer Read More
17 July 2020
What Does It Feel Like When You Find Out You Have Cancer? Read More
9 July 2020
Dear Dad - From The Scientist You Left Behind Read More
8 July 2020
Being On A Chemotherapy Trial With AML: A Wifes Moving Account Read More
1 July 2020
Laughing at Cancer | A Personal Journey Of Love And Letting Go Read More
14 June 2020
Cancer Is Like A Car, Its Everywhere When You Choose To Look Read More
11 June 2020
The Story Of A Remarkable Lady Diagnosed With Stage 4 Bowel Cancer Read More
6 June 2020
Patience and Persistence Saved My Life: An Unwelcome but Welcome Journey Read More
31 May 2020
Cancer. We’re Done. Pursuing Tomorrow’s Cancer Treatment Today. Read More
15 May 2020
Sharing Our Cancer Stories Is A Source Of Strength We Should Be Tapping Into Read More
11 May 2020
I Love My Prosthetic Boob - She Is Called "Boobilisous" Read More
4 May 2020
The Strength Within: How I Overcame Cancer Three Times Read More
2 May 2020
My Double Mastectomy And The Birth Of Drain Dollies Read More
27 April 2020
Sharing My Colon Cancer Story Read More
15 April 2020
Early Detection Is Key To Prostate Cancer Survival Read More
12 April 2020
Cancer, The Corona Virus And Kindness: Social Distancing Equals Love Read More
23 March 2020
No Matter How Difficult It May Be, You Have The Power To Persevere. Read More
5 March 2020
Creating A New Inclusive LGBT Cancer Network Read More
4 March 2020
Life - Cancer & Life Again: Sharing My Journey With Other People Read More
24 February 2020
I am a 2x AML leukemia survivor and a stem cell transplant recipient. Read More
22 February 2020
People's Experiences Of Breast Cancer Can Help After A Diagnosis Read More
18 February 2020
My Prostate Cancer Journey: The Intimate Details Of My Diagnosis, Surgery, And Recovery Read More
10 February 2020
A Plastic Surgeons Day: Skin Cancer, Breast Cancer And A Lot More Read More
9 December 2019
I’m Not My Cancer: Not Just A Breast Cancer Survivor! Read More
7 December 2019
Cervical and Breast are Prominent Female Cancers In Africa Read More
5 December 2019
Moving Beyond the Fear: Learning to be Part of the Cancer Community Read More
13 October 2019
Giving Back to Help Children with Cancer: A Personal Story From Ghana Read More
27 August 2019
Alyssa's Journey Through Discovery & Treatment of Childhood Leukaemia Read More
11 August 2019
Why I Wrote The Book: Dear God From Your Poached Egg Breast Read More
18 July 2019
The Woman with 9 Lives and 18 Tumours and a Little Bit of Cancer. Read More
13 June 2019
Drugs, Depression & Prison: How my fathers' cancer turned my life around Read More
1 June 2019
I’m a mother of an 18 months old son. Unfortunately, I have cancer. Read More
15 May 2019
Three Little Words: The Diagnosis that made me a Better, Kinder Person Read More
6 May 2019
Having A Positive Attitude Helped Make My Breast Cancer Easier Read More
19 April 2019
For Me, Cancer Is Not, And Never Will Be, "The Big C" Read More
15 April 2019
Appreciating life in a way that I never have before. Read More
11 April 2019
I Was Born a Fighter: From Childhood Cancer to 22 Years Remission Read More
26 March 2019
The Light at the End of the Cancer Tunnel: A Personal Story of Recovery Read More
23 March 2019
Our Journey through Teen Cancer: A Mother’s Perspective from the USA. Read More
14 December 2018
Why These 15 Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours Are Especially Meaningful For Cancer Patients Read More
29 October 2018
101 Different Names For Boobs – What Do You Call Yours? Read More
28 September 2018
Building A New Life: A Personal Story Of Secondary Cancer Read More
2 September 2018
Surviving Cancer: A Miracle Journey by Sandra Hamilton Read More
15 August 2018
The 0.5 Percent: A Personal Story About A Journey To Lymphoma Recovery Read More
23 May 2018
HipHeadWear Was Born By Helping Out A Friend With Breast Cancer Read More
16 April 2018
Cooking For Chemotherapy: By Chef Ryan Callahan Read More
28 March 2018
How Good Things Foundation digital skills is helping the NHS and patients with Cancer Read More
26 March 2018
"Bullshit Breast Cancer" Let Breast Cancer Patients Know That They Will Never Be Alone Read More
21 March 2018
How I Cured My Own Breast Cancer With One Simple Trick Read More
10 February 2018
Cancer Conspiracy Theories: A Scientists View Point Read More
8 January 2018
Navigating the Coexisting Worlds of Cancer Treatment and Parenting Read More
21 December 2017
Returning To Work After Cancer Read More
16 November 2017
How Cancer Brought About A Smile: By Brenda Burling Read More
30 October 2017
Me And My Breast Cancer Radiation Journey: What You Cant See Read More
3 October 2017
How Cancer Changed My Life: An Inspiring Perspective Read More
14 September 2017
This Is Me, I Will Not Hide: A Personal Account From A Cancer Survivor Read More
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