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Preparing4Care: Driving Person-Centred Care, Free of Charge.

Written by Lloyd Willey on 
29th December, 2019
Updated: 8th September, 2021
Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

I’ll start with a quick introduction to Preparing4Care (and person-centred care) but then take a short trip back in time before we come back to look at our service in more detail.

Preparing4Care have recognized that the person best placed to provide information about their likes, wishes and preferences is the individual themselves - this is known as 'person-centred care'. In fact, a number of care providers commented on how they wished they could have spoken to the person entering their care 5 years previously.

Preparing4Care has recently launched a FREE online service to ensure a person’s voice is always heard. Over 4,500 people have subscribed to the service since its October 2019 launch. The Personal Reference Guide sits at the heart of the person-centered approach, which is championed by Preparing4Care. This guide is completed by answering a series of questions about key areas of someone’s life, including their family, environment, food and drink preferences, and leisure activities. The Personal Reference Guide is made up of 23 different sections, each with around 10 questions per section. The guide is accessed via the Preparing4Care website, individuals can register for a secure online account and answer the questions (on their own or with assistance from others) over whatever timescale is appropriate for them.

The guide intentionally goes into a lot of detail, it is this detail that will ensure appropriately tailored care can be designed and delivered. Once completed the Personal Reference Guide forms an encyclopedia of that individual, therefore ensuring their voice is always heard. Answers may be added to at any time (but not amended) if someone’s wishes and preferences change over time. Access to the Personal Reference Guide is then granted to a family member or loved one who can, when required, grant further access to a Care Provider. Those that have been granted access are also able to add (but not change) responses within the guide to ensure the information contained within is reflective of any important changes.

So, I work for Preparing4Care to deliver marketing and to promote our service.

I wanted to take a few steps back and start with looking