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Our Pioneering CEO - Dr Shara Cohen Is Now A Fellow Of The Royal Society Of Biology

Written by Cancer Care Parcel on 
27th October, 2016
Updated: 28th September, 2021
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Our news this week is that our founder - Dr Shara Cohen, has just become a fellow of the Royal Society of Biology. This is a great achievement.  Congratulations Shara!

About The Royal Society Of Biology

The Royal Society of Biology is a single unified voice for biology: advising Government and influencing policy; advancing education and professional development; supporting our members, and engaging and encouraging public interest in the life sciences. The Society represents a diverse membership of individuals, learned societies, and other organizations. Their mission is to be the unifying voice for biology, to facilitate the promotion of new discoveries in biological science for national and international benefit, and to engage the wider public with our work.

Royal Society Of Biology Fellowships

Fellows of The Royal Society Of Biology have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of the biological sciences.

This could be in the practice and application of biological science; teaching biology and curriculum development; managing a team of professionally qualified biological scientists; or concerned with the senior management, direction or commercial activities of organizations in which the application, study, research or advancement of biological science is of major importance.

Other Fellows of the Royal Society of Biology include

  • Sir David Attenborough FSB 
  • Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell FSB,
  • Professor Hagan Bayley FSB
  • Professor Colin Blakemore Hon FSB
  • Professor Anne Glover FSB
  • Dame Bridget Ogilvie FSB
  • Lord David Sainsbury Hon FSB
  • Sir Paul Nurse FRS 

About Shara Cohen

Dr Cohen started her working life as a research scientist and lecturer.  She has over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications, has contributed to several books and spoken at many international scientific conferences.

She followed a classical scientific career until she left mainstream science in 2000 to establish the Life Science Communications company, Euroscicon Ltd.

In 2013 she was diagnosed with Cancer and set up Cancer Care Parcel.  She sold Euroscicon Ltd in 2016 to focus on Cancer Care Parcel.  She also works with and establishes businesses and charities which benefit local, national and international communities via her company – Honnao Ltd

She founded Rare Care UK, which supports people with Rare Diseases and their families, and is the chair of a separate charity that supports families with members who have the ultra-rare disease Familial Dysautonomia. This is a genetic disorder primarily causing dysfunction of the autonomic and sensory nervous systems. Further information about this ultra-rare disease and the work of the charity can be found on their website -

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