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Raise Awareness

Awareness campaigns are designed to increase public awareness and understanding of various types of cancer. By educating people about the risk factors, symptoms, and early detection methods of the disease, these campaigns aim to help people take proactive measures to reduce their risk of cancer and seek medical attention if needed. Additionally, they provide valuable information about available resources and support for those affected by cancer.

By participating in cancer awareness campaigns, you can help reduce stigma surrounding cancer and promote greater acceptance and support for people with cancer. These campaigns also provide fundraising opportunities to support research into cancer causes, prevention, treatment, and cure.

Below is a list of the months of annual campaigns which raise awareness and funding for life-saving research. If we have missed any please let us know

Bladder Cancer

May, Yellow ribbon, 573,278 new cases in 2020

Brain and Other Nervous System Cancers

May, Grey ribbon, 293,272 new cases in 2020

Breast Cancer

October, Pink ribbon, 2,261,419 new cases in 2020

Cervical Cancer

January, Teal ribbon, 604,127 new cases in 2020

Colorectal Cancer

March, Dark blue ribbon, 1,931,590 new cases in 2020

Esophageal Cancer

April, Periwinkle ribbon, 604,095 new cases in 2020

Gallbladder and Other Biliary Tract Cancers

February, Kelly green ribbon, 219,014 new cases in 2020

Kidney Cancer

March, Orange ribbon, 431,288 new cases in 2020

Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancers

April, Burgundy ribbon, 186,534 new cases in 2020


September, Orange ribbon, 437,033 new cases in 2020

Liver Cancer

October, Emerald green ribbon, 905,677 new cases in 2020

Lung Cancer

November, White ribbon, 2,206,771 new cases in 2020

Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers

May, Black ribbon, 1,206,579 new cases in 2020

Multiple Myeloma and Other Plasma Cell Neoplasms

March, Burgundy ribbon, 160,294 new cases in 2020

Nasopharyngeal Cancer

December, Burgundy ribbon, 129,079 new cases in 2020

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

September, Lime green ribbon, 781,451 new cases in 2020

Oral Cavity and Pharyngeal Cancers

April, Burgundy ribbon, 657,261 new cases in 2020

Ovarian Cancer:

September, Teal ribbon, 313,959 new cases in 2020

Pancreatic Cancer

November, Purple ribbon, 495,773 new cases in 2020

Prostate Cancer

September, Light blue ribbon, 1,414,259 new cases in 2020

Rectal Cancer

March, Dark blue ribbon, 725,570 new cases in 2020

Stomach Cancer

November, Periwinkle ribbon, 1,089,103 new cases in 2020

Testicular Cancer

April, Orchid ribbon, 79,037 new cases in 2020

Thyroid Cancer

September, Teal/pink ribbon, 567,233 new cases in 2020

Uterine Cancer:

September, Peach ribbon, 417,367 new cases in 2020

Hodgkin Lymphoma

September, Violet ribbon, 91,528 new cases in 2020

Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (Pancreatic NETs)

November, Purple ribbon, 79,535 new cases in 2020

Kaposi Sarcoma

February, Purple ribbon, 32,300 new cases in 2020

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

July, Yellow ribbon with a heart, 101,379 new cases

So, join the cause and show your support by getting involved and purchasing cancer awareness merchandise today.

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