Animal Kingdom Deluxe Gift For A Child With Cancer



✔ IDEAL FOR ALL CHILDREN WITH ANY CANCER DIAGNOSIS – To Brighten Up The Days, Have Some ‘Time Out’ And To Give Some Relief.

✔ A GIFT THAT BRINGS CALM TO KIDS WITH CANCER AND SHOWS YOU CARE – Packed With Comforting, Fun And Useful Items. Suitable For All Children With Cancer.

✔ HELPING WITH THERAPY SIDE EFFECTS – Thoughtful And Fun Items To Help With  Side Effects Such As Cold Extremities And Nausea.

✔ GIVE PEACE OF MIND – Our Gift Packages Are Made To Enable Children (And Adults) To Take Some Of Their Worries Away And Bring Some Peace Back Into Their Lives. Providing Support And Comfort.

✔ A  PACKAGE STUFFED WITH 21 GENUINELY FUN AND HELPFUL GIFTS FOR CHILDREN– USB Light, Catch-Able Bubbles, Glow Stick, Games, Colouring Pencils, Note Pad, Pillow, Snug Throw, Peppermint Teabags, Anti-Nausea Wrist Band, Hand Warmer, Gloves, Wind Up Mini Fan, Wipes, Back Pack, Tissues, Lap Tray, Earphones, Lip Balm, Food Bag, Water Bottle.

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What Is In The Animal Kingdom Gift For Children With Cancer?


✓ USB LIGHT – Perfect for bedtime reading at home, or in hospital.

✓ CATCH-ABLE BUBBLES -These bubbles stay on your hand and clothes and are a great distraction.

✓ GLOW STICK – Just for fun: these can brighten up a hospital stay or when in bed at home.

✓ GAMES – Simple games provide an enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends and a gift for a child regardless of their diagnosis or treatment.

✓ COLOURING PENCILS- to help pass the time.

✓ NOTE PAD – To keep busy, make notes, doodles and relax.


✓ PILLOW – For hospital, bed rest and journeys and a friend to play with.

✓ SNUG THROW – Ideal for kids with cancer, providing a cosy and comforting sofa or bed.

For Side Effects

✓ PEPPERMINT TEABAGS – Peppermint tea has properties to relieve radiotherapy and chemotherapy nausea and bring calm.

✓ KIDS ANTI-NAUSEA WRIST BAND – A clinically proven, drug-free treatment for control of nausea, perfect to help kids with cancer cope with their cancer treatment.

✓ HAND WARMER – For cold hands, a result of some therapies.

✓ GLOVES – Soft and comfy feather touch gloves, to help comfort cold extremities that can be caused by treatments. One size fits most.


✓ WIND UP MINI FAN – Therapy and hospitals can make you feel hot and uncomfortable. This wind-up fan can help.

✓ WIPES – The easy way to stop being sticky!

✓ BACKPACK – Useful for hospital stays and travelling.

✓ A PACKET OF TISSUES – Always useful!

✓ BEAN BAG LAP TRAY – For hospital stays and best rest.

✓ EARPHONES -Spare earphones that can be used with any device.

✓ LIP BALM – Protects and relieves dry and chapped lips.

✓ WOVEN COOL FOOD BAG – This cool bag is lightweight and great for taking food or medicines with you when travelling, or to keep by the bedside.

✓ WATER BOTTLE – Keeping hydrated is very important for a child with cancer.  Eco friendly, and BPA free.

✓ ACCESS TO RESOURCES -To help the kids, their parents, caregivers, family and friends


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Dimensions 48 × 36 × 17 cm



Male, Female


Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery, Convalescing, No Treatment, Don't know