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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

Helping Kids With Cancer Tolerate Treatment, Recover And Thrive

Written by Greg Tarnacki on 
16th March, 2022
Updated: 4th April, 2022
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Elizabeth, a sixteen year old neuroblastoma patient affiliated with the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) was the first child reached in the ACCO's partnership with 18Loop.

The ACCO is connecting my organization 18Loop to kids with cancer so that they may utilize our Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Elizabeth thought the VR was "amazing" and uses our Oculus headset to access Tripp, a Virtual Stress Management environment that combines gaming, meditation and computer science.

Tripp has helped Elizabeth to calm down and relax herself during trying times with treatment.

Even her little brother has benefited, seeking a necessary mood boost from Tripp on Oculus VR when he becomes stressed with the strain of his sister's illness. 18Loop is betting that Tripp and VR will help many kids with cancer tolerate treatment, recover and thrive as they participate in 18Loop’s Virtual Comfort Pilot that launched in November 2020.

Our VR fight against cancer has begun.

We Are Also Distributing Oculus Vr Technology To Kids With Cancer Through Critical Distribution Partnerships, With The Acco Taking The Lead.

Have you ever used Virtual Reality (VR) technology?

Virtual Reality immerses the user into a different world utilizing a headset and audio stimulus and when this new environment is designed to improve mood and distract from pain the positive results are magical. When VR has been deployed to assist burn victims with treatment, there has been a reduction of cognitive pain by 44 percent, emotional pain by 32 percent and sensory pain by 27 percent according to studies at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. There are studies that indicate that VR can be more effective than opioids in pain management with no addiction issues. Modern deployment of VR in a medical setting has increased, and my company 18Loop focuses on leveraging the potential of VR for children with cancer.

18Loop is focused on Advocacy and Awareness and is promoting VR adoption in the pediatric oncology population.

We are also distributing Oculus VR technology to kids with cancer through critical distribution partnerships, with the ACCO taking the lead.

18Loop will launch a research protocol focused on the study of VR as a benefit for children undergoing chemotherapy in inpatient and outpatient environments. We’ll ask whether treatme