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Breast Cancer Guides

Welcome to our Breast Cancer Guides. Breast cancer is a common cancer that affects millions of people around the world each year. It can be a scary and overwhelming diagnosis, and it's normal to feel uncertain about what lies ahead.

That's why we've created this resource - to provide comprehensive guides and information to help you understand what breast cancer is, how it's diagnosed, and what your treatment options are. Our guides cover a range of topics related to breast cancer, including screening and diagnosis, treatment options, managing side effects, and coping with the emotional and physical challenges of cancer.

Whether know someone with breast cancer, you're newly diagnosed, in the midst of treatment, or in recovery, our guides are here to provide support and guidance throughout your cancer journey. We hope that the information and advice offered here will help you feel more confident and prepared as you navigate this difficult time, and that it will help you achieve the best possible outcome from your treatment.

Helpful Articles

What Exercises Should You Do After Breast Cancer Surgery?

In This Article, We Focus On The Guidelines And The Type Of Exercise That You Can Do After Mastectomy Or Breast Reconstruction And Other Breast Surgeries.

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All You Need To Know About Lymphoedema And Cancer

Understand Lymphoedema Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment Options, Prevention, And Top Online Suppliers Of Lymphoedema Sleeves.

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How to Thrive and Achieve More of Life Even When Crossing Rough Times With Cancer

In her masterclass, Claudia shared her proven and easy-to-follow methods and non-traditional productivity approach. She helped us to understand how to optimize our time, reduce stress levels and overwhelm, and achieve the results we want in both our work and personal lives.

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Support and Comfort: The Importance of Post Mastectomy Bras

Our Aim Is To Provide You With Information And Resources To Find The Right Post-Surgery Bras For Your Needs, So You Can Focus On Healing And Regaining Confidence.

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I Am A Male Breast Cancer Survivor And This Is My Story

My Journey With Cancer Has Been One Of The Greatest Blessings In My Life. YES Men Can Be Diagnosed, I Am A Male Breast Cancer Survivor.

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How to Respond To a Friend With Breast Cancer

If Your Friend Has Breast Cancer, You Really Need To Show Up For Them And Give Your Support. This Article Shows You How.

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Rediscovering Yourself After Breast Cancer: Ms Pomelo Mastectomy Bras

Body image really suffers from breast cancer and access to a good bra is critical for a woman to revive herself. The connection is intricate.

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34 Best Ways to Help Someone Before, During and After a Mastectomy

We Consulted With Our Community And We Came Up With 34 Practical And Effective Ways To Support A Friend Before, During, And After Mastectomy.

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Breast Cancer Tips: 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Breast Cancer

I Wanted To Share What I Learned Along The Way, So Maybe It Can Help Someone Think About Something They Haven't Before.

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People's Experiences Of Breast Cancer Can Help After A Diagnosis

If you don’t present yourself to a doctor, then they can’t help you and the sooner you go then the easier it is to be saved.

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A Plastic Surgeons Day: Skin Cancer, Breast Cancer And A Lot More

It’s a common misconception that Plastic Surgeons only perform cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is actually an incredibly broad speciality, covering a wide range of conditions.

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Having A Positive Attitude Helped Make My Breast Cancer Easier

We need to pay attention and have a positive attitude.  We literally need to take our own bodies into our own hands to protect ourselves. 

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Me And My Breast Cancer Radiation Journey: What You Cant See

There Are Three Things That You Don't See In This Image Of Me At Buckingham Palace. The Secrets Of My Radiotherapy Cover-Up Are Revealed.

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Breast Cancer Gift Ideas For Men And Women

Yes! Men Get Breast Cancer Too. Discussing Breast Cancer Gift Ideas For All Breast Cancer Patients. Covering All Stages And Treatments.

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Products For People Living With Cancer

Cosy Red Polka Dot Hot Water Bottle - Comfort and Style

Warmth, comfort, and style come together in our Adore Home Hot Water Bottle – an essential companion for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, those in the convalescent stage, or anyone seeking soothing warmth and relaxation.

Embrace the colder months with our brand-new 2-litre hot water bottle, thoughtfully designed for both functionality and fashion.


Cosmic Aspirations: Dream Big All-Over Print Beanie

Elevate your style and embrace warmth with our "Cosmic Aspirations: Dream Big All-Over Print Beanie." This inspiring beanie is more than just an accessory; it's a cozy reminder to dream big and reach for the stars, keeping you warm on chilly days while adding a touch of inspiration to your ensemble.

Adorned with the inspiring words "Dream Big" in an all-over print, this beanie is a stylish addition to your outfit that encourages you to pursue your aspirations with gusto. Ideal for various occasions, the "Cosmic Aspirations: Dream Big All-Over Print Beanie" is your go-to accessory for a blend of comfort, style, and motivation.

Classic Blue and Black Striped Premium Pillow

Available in three sizes to help provide extra support and comfort during cancer treatment and recovery. The pillow features a soft and breathable fabric with a linen feel, ensuring a cozy and comfortable experience.

The pillow includes a hidden zipper, making it easy to remove the machine-washable case for cleaning or switching up your decor. The shape-retaining 100% polyester insert is included, ensuring the pillow stays plump and comfortable over time. The insert is also handwash only, ensuring its long-lasting quality.

Perfect for adding an extra touch of comfort and support during cancer treatment and recovery.

Invest in a high-quality pillow that combines comfort and function .

Regenerate response
Strong Woman Throw Blanket

A heart-warming gift for the strong woman in your life.

Let her wrap up and relax, knowing her resilience will keep her going through tough times.

Popular Gifts For Breast Cancer Patients

Thoughtful Care Package For Double Mastectomy Patient

✓ FOR DOUBLE MASTECTOMY RECOVERY: designed to be useful, comforting, and pampering for anyone (men and women) who has had a double (also called bilateral) mastectomy.

✓ THIS PACK COMES WITH 17 COMFORTING, PRACTICAL AND GENUINELY USEFUL ITEMS FOR MASTECTOMY PATIENTS. – Two Mastectomy Cushions, Straws, Slippers, Water Bottle, Antibacterial Gel, Toothbrush Set, Sleep Mask, Eye-Gel Mask, Lip Balm, Two Drain Bags, Bed Socks, Hand Cream, Super Soft Blanket, Port Pillow, Neck Pillow.

Not All Breasts Are The Same | White Ceramic Mug

Get the breast start to the day by pouring your morning brew into this ceramic mug with a cheeky design.

Chic white glossy mug.

  • Featuring a bold black line illustration showing that breasts come in all variations.
  • Available in two sizes.
Bold Statement: Breast Cancer Sucks Hoodie with Pink Ribbon

Black Hoodie with Bold White Text and Pink Ribbon Graphic, a powerful statement piece that raises awareness for breast cancer. This hoodie features a striking design with the words "Breast Cancer Sucks" boldly displayed in white text, creating a strong message that stands up against this devastating disease.

Made from high-quality materials, this hoodie offers exceptional comfort and durability. The black color provides a versatile backdrop for the bold white text and eye-catching pink ribbon graphic, representing solidarity and support for breast cancer awareness. Whether you're participating in a fundraising event, spreading awareness, or simply expressing your stance, this hoodie is a meaningful way to make a statement.

With its unisex design and comfortable fit, this hoodie is suitable for anyone looking to make a positive impact. The soft fabric and adjustable drawstring hood ensure warmth and coziness, making it perfect for cooler weather or casual everyday wear. Additionally, the kangaroo pocket adds both style and functionality, allowing you to keep your hands warm or store small essentials.

By wearing this Black Hoodie with Bold White Text and Pink Ribbon Graphic, you're not only making a fashion statement but also showing support to the breast cancer community.

Show your support, spread awareness, and let your voice be heard with this impactful hoodie.

Female Healing Positivity Canvas

Designed for women who have gone through physical changes. This could be a result of cancer treatment for example chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery.

Affirmations include:

✸ I don’t have to be brave.
✸ I am allowed to be sad.
✸ I can still be stylish.
✸ I will give myself time.

Recently Added Freebies For Breast Cancer Patients

10% off YES® OB Oil-Based Lubricant

Making Vaginas Happy®
Organic Intimate Self-Care Range, Natural and pH Matched to the Vagina.

Free App For Early Detection of Breast and Cervical Cancer

Get free step-by-step self-screening guide for breast and cervical cancer

Free Gift Box For Breast Cancer Patients

There are many ways to get a Little Lifts Box, whether you’re in active treatment yourself or surprising a loved one.

Free Hair Coverings and Breast Prosthetics | Helen's Room

Come to Helen’s Room, A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Positive Appearance and Resource Center for Cancer Patients.

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