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68 Best Gifts For Chemo Patients

Written by Dr Shara Cohen on 
9th September, 2021
Updated: 29th June, 2022
Estimated Reading Time: 14 minutes

The process of going through chemotherapy can be scary and, at times, alienating. If you have a friend, family member or loved one undergoing chemotherapy, you may be trying to find a way in which you can show your support and let them know you are there for them, no matter what. This article discusses the helpful things you buy, but we will start with the two most common frequently asked questions.


What can I do for a friend going through chemo?

There are many thoughtful things you can do for cancer patients that may help, including giving the gift of your time and/or someone they can talk to. Also learning how to talk to a cancer patient can help both them and you.

Helping with hospital visits, being thoughtful when visiting, researching the important resources/services that they may want ....these are all helpful and valuable ways to show support to any cancer patient. You can read How To Help Someone With Cancer: What You Need To Know for more general ideas of what you can do.

But someone having chemo has extra needs and considerations, they have specific side effects to deal with and regular intense hospital visits. There are many things you can do and get in these specific circumstances. These are discussed below.

What do cancer patients want as gifts?

There is a wide range of therapy-safe comfort and practical gifts you can give, that are thoughtful and appropriate.

We know that everyone is unique, but also everyone's cancer is unique. So there is no absolute ideal gift that will suit all cancer patients. Added to this is the fact that everyone responds to treatment differently. So below are ideas of things you can do or shop for, but please do bear in mind:-

*the cancer patient
*their treatment (not all cancer treatment is the same)
*their response to treatment (side effects can vary alot)

Here are our best gift ideas for a chemotherapy patient

We listed the gifts below with chemo patients in mind, even though some may be suitable for cancer patients in general. For example items like lip balm can be soothing for cancer patients, but are of particular use for people undergoing chemotherapy because they may get dry or chapped lips.

68 Gifts to purchase for chemo patients: Ideas from lip balm to online classes

We have listed gifts in no particular order, as there is no best or worst gift to get cancer or chemo patients. They may not all be suitable, you know your friend/loved one better than we do. So as you go through this list please think of who your friend/loved one is and if you can, what side effects they are experiencing and choose the gift or gifts you think would benefit them the best.

10 Clothes and accessories

1. Loungewear

High-quality loungewear can help cancer patients feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter where they may be.

2. Pyjamas

During and after chemo treatment, many patients experience fatigue and may spend more time in bed. Prioritize their comfort and help them unwind with a luxurious pajama set!

3. Functional Clothing

Although many chose to wear loungewear when undergoing treatment, others prefer to stick to their usual clothing style. You can help by buying clothes they will love but are functional.

4. Bathrobe/Lounge Robe

A cozy robe gift means the cancer patient will be comfortable no matter where they go and can be worn year-round. Also helpful for potential hospital stays and convalescence.

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