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Don’t Spend Valentine's Day With Cancer, Urges Breast Cancer Survivor

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23 January 2020

Don’t Spend Valentine's Day With Cancer, Urges Breast Cancer Survivor

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, a leading scientific advisor is urging those with cancer to spend Valentine’s Day with someone they love this year, not with the disease. Dr. Shara Cohen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, understands how challenging it can be to make Valentine’s Day feel special during the cancer journey, and has even created an innovative way to help partners, friends, and family members find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those they truly love.

Having been through cancer treatment herself, Dr. Cohen believes that Valentine’s Day is a celebration that cancer isn’t invited to. Instead, the former research scientist and lecturer states that Valentine’s Day should be about celebrating a love for life, and for each other, and recognising the journey so far. And while Dr. Cohen understands that many may not feel like heading out for dinner or hitting the town, she believes that the right gift can make a quiet night at home just as fun, just as romantic, and just as rewarding

Following her own diagnosis, Dr. Cohen launched Cancer Care Parcel; a simple online platform that provides the opportunity to buy friends, colleagues, and loved ones gifts they need.  These thoughtful, appropriate, and useful cancer gifts are created in the UK by people who have had experience with cancer, and are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“Time together without pressures and distractions may be just what’s needed,” says Dr Shara Cohen, CEO of Cancer Care Parcel.  “Life can be overwhelming and filled with pressure even without cancer, treatment, operations, and appointments, so as February 14th rolls around again, make the choice to spend it with your partner, friends or loved ones, not cancer.

“I’ve been there myself. When I was diagnosed I found that the number of appointments and distractions meant that I had almost no time to actually relax or just do nothing, and no time to just really be ‘me’.”

Cancer Care Parcel offers a number of different gift baskets, ranging from specific nausea kits and chemo kits to more general relaxation kits for anyone, at any stage of their cancer journey. Perfect for Valentine’s Day is the romantic Love Box featuring a rich chocolate-flavoured tea, meditation candle, ribbed foot roller for massage, and a CD of, relaxing songs, along with seven more items for a chilled out evening of calm celebration.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Dr. Cohen is offering bloggers the opportunity to save 10% on the Love Box, with 10% affiliate commission.

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Dr. Shara Cohen launched Cancer Care Parcel in an effort to take away some of the constant worry caused by the disease and provide an outlet for cancer patients to feel like themselves. The innovative gift solution was founded following Dr. Cohen’s own diagnosis with breast cancer in 2013.

Dr. Cohen, a former research scientist and lecturer with over 100 peer-reviewed publications, initially followed a classical scientific career, opting to leave mainstream science in 2000 after the birth of her daughter. She went on to establish the Life Science Communications company before becoming the lead scientific advisor at Optimised Healthcare; a medical profiling company which provides advanced disease prediction, prevention, and wellness optimisation services. Dr. Cohen also works with businesses and charities which benefit local, national, and international communities.

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