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In December we partnered with "Something To Look Forward To"

Written by Cancer Care Parcel on 
10th January, 2018
Updated: 16th January, 2023
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In December we partnered with Something To Look Forward To, a charity that supports people with cancer and their families to have a treat - perhaps a meal, an outing or a surprise gift.

The winner of one our parcel's was Vicky Yates who has written this fabulous review of our parcel.

Thank you Vicky for taking the time to say how useful you found each item.

We hope you continue to enjoy them and are especially delighted that the bubbles made you and your family smile - they are such a lot of fun and seem to last for ages!

"My cancer care parcel is perfect, it has everything I might need. It is so well thought out. Hydration is so important especially during Chemo so the water bottle is perfect, I can take it everywhere with me!

Colouring is so relaxing and helps me get away from it all; it also gives me something to do during Chemo and any time I have to spend in hospital. I often get puffy sore eyes and the cooling eye mask really helps with this as it is so soothing and stops the puffiness! I suffer from insomnia so the USB light is perfect to use when I can't sleep as it doesn't disturb my husband and if I'm in hospital it won't disturb the other patients! My fluffy socks are perfect, when I'm feeling ill or on Chemo days I can snuggle up with toasty feet; they're also brilliant when in hospital! Lastly the bubbles, I had so much fun with my nieces and nephew playing with these! My cancer care parcel is so special and made me feel so happy when I opened it. Little things like this can brighten ones day, it certainly brightened mine!"

Vicky received The all-purpose cancer present for adults which is a thoughtfully crafted cancer gift parcel providing useful & luxury items for adults with cancer.  This parcel is for all adults with any cancer diagnosis, undergoing any, or no therapy.

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2 comments on “In December we partnered with "Something To Look Forward To"”

  1. Thank you so much for supporting our charity this December. Your parcels proved extremely popular especially just before Christmas when money is tight for many people affected by cancer. A great review from one of our fabulous gift recipients. It's been a pleasure working together and we look forward to working together again in the future!

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