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Government Abbreviations and Acronyms Used In The UK and US

This list of UK and US government abbreviations and acronyms is constantly being researched and updated with links being checked and added/updated regularly.

This is a searchable database.  If there we have missed something please let us know.

AAPCAccounting and Auditing Policy CommitteeUnited States
ABMCAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionUnited States
ACC Air Combat CommandUnited States
ACDAUnited States Arms Control and Disarmament AgencyUnited States
ACFAdministration for Children and FamiliesUnited States
ACHPAdvisory Council on Historic PreservationUnited States
ACSESAnnual Civil Service Employment Survey (ONS dataset)United Kingdom
ACSLAlternate Crops and Systems LabUnited States
ACYFAdministration for Children, Youth, and FamiliesUnited States
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Text of ADA legation)United States
ADBAsian Development BankUnited States
ADCProgram Against Digital Counterfeiting of CurrencyUnited States
ADDAdministration on Developmental DisabilitiesUnited States
AFDBAfrican Development BankUnited States
AFDCAid to Families with endent ChildrenUnited States
AFIS American Forces Information ServiceUnited States
AFRCAir Force Reserve CommandUnited States
AFRLAir Force Research LaboratoryUnited States
AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer TringCorpsUnited States
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television ServiceUnited States
AFSAir Facility Sub-SystemUnited States
AFSCArmed Forces Staff College (replaced by JFSC)United States
AFSPCAir Force Space CommandUnited States
AGO Attorney General’s OfficeUnited Kingdom
AGRICOLAAgricultural OnLine AccessUnited States
AHCPRAgency for Health Care Policy and Research (changed to AHRQ)United States
AHPCRCArmy High Performance Computing Research CenterUnited States
AHRQAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityUnited States
AHSAmerican Housing SurveyUnited States
AIDAgency for International DevelopmentUnited States
AIRS Aerometric Information Retrieval System (changed to AFS)United States
AMEAnnually Managed ExpenditureUnited Kingdom
AMESAmes LaboratoryUnited States
AMSAgricultural Marketing ServiceUnited States
AmtrakNational Railroad Passenger CorporationUnited States
ANAAdministration for Native AmericansUnited States
ANGAir National GuardUnited States
ANL Argonne National LaboratoryUnited States
AO/AAAdministrative officer/administrative assistant (civil service grade)United Kingdom
AOAAdministration on AgingUnited States
APA Asset Protection AgencyUnited Kingdom
APHISAnimal and Plant Health Inspection ServiceUnited States
APIApplication Programming Interface
United Kingdom
ARAnnual ReportUnited Kingdom
ARBAdministrative Review BoardUnited States
ARBAArmy Review Boards AgencyUnited States
ARCAppalachian Regional CommissionUnited States
ARL Army Research LaboratoryUnited States
ARNetAcquisition Reform NetworkUnited States
ARPAAdvanced Research Projects AgencyUnited States
ARS Agricultural Research ServiceUnited States
ATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and FirearmsUnited States
ATSDRAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease RegistryUnited States
BARCBeltsville Agricultural Research CenterUnited States
BEABureau of Economic AnalysisUnited States
BEISDepartment for Business, Energy and Industrial StrategyUnited Kingdom
BEP Bureau of Engraving and PrintingUnited States
BERR Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory ReformUnited Kingdom
BESTBiomonitoring of Environmental Status and TrendsUnited States
BFRLBuilding and Fire Research LaboratoryUnited States
BHPrBureau of Health ProfessionsUnited States
BIA Bureau of Indian AffairsUnited States
BIC Business Information CenterUnited States
BIMASBioInformatics Molecular Analysis SectionUnited States
BIS Department for Business, Innovation and Skills United Kingdom
BIS Bureau of Industry and SecurityUnited States
BJA Bureau of Justice AssistanceUnited States
BJS Bureau of Justice StatisticsUnited States
BLM Bureau of Land ManagementUnited States
BLS Bureau of Labor StatisticsUnited States
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense OrganizationUnited States
BNA Bureau of National AffairsUnited States
BOP Federal Bureau of PrisonsUnited States
BOR Bureau of ReclamationUnited States
BPA Bonneville Power AdministrationUnited States
BPD Bureau of the Public DebtUnited States
BPHC Bureau of Primary Health CareUnited States
BRB Benefits Review BoardUnited States
BRD Biological Resource DivisionUnited States
BRFSS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance SystemUnited States
BSC Business Service CentersUnited States
BTS Bureau of Transportation StatisticsUnited States
BUDBudgetUnited Kingdom
BVA Board of Veterans AppealsUnited States
CAGE Commercial and Government EntityUnited States
CAME Capital Annually Managed ExpenditureUnited Kingdom
CBD Commerce Business DailyUnited States
CBER Center for Biologics Evaluation and ResearchUnited States
CBIAC Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis CenterUnited States
CBO Congressional Budget OfficeUnited States
CCB Child Care Child Care BureauUnited States
CCC Commodity Credit CorporationUnited States
CCR Commission on Civil RightsUnited States
CDBG Community Development Block GrantsUnited States
CDC Centers for Disease ControlUnited States
CDEL Capital Departmental Expenditure LimitUnited Kingdom
CDER Center for Drug Evaluation and ResearchUnited States
CDFI Community Development Financial InstitutionsUnited States
CDRH Center for Devices and Radiological HealthUnited States
CEA Council of Economic AdvisersUnited States
CEDRComprehensive Epidemiologic Data ResourceUnited States
CEN Bureau of the CensusUnited States
CEOS Child Exploitation and Obscenity SectionUnited States
CEPPO Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention OfficeUnited States
CEPS Center for Earth and Planetary StudiesUnited States
CEQ Council on Environmental QualityUnited States
CERCLISComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, &; Liability Information SystemUnited States
CETECTopographic Engineering CenterUnited States
CFDA Catalogue of Federal Domestic AssistanceUnited States
CFOC Chief Financial Officers CouncilUnited States
CFR Code of Federal RegulationsUnited States
CFSAN National Center for Food Safety and Applied NutritionUnited States
CFTC Commodity Futures Trading CommissionUnited States
CHAMPVA Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans AffairsUnited States
CHID Combined Health Information DatabaseUnited States
CIA Central Intelligence AgencyUnited States
CIAO Critical Infrastructure Assurance OfficeUnited States
CIC Consumer Information CenterUnited States
CID U.S. Army Criminal Investigation CommandUnited States
CIPRIS Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International StudentsUnited States
CIT Center for Information TechnologyUnited States
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and FloraUnited States
CMHS Center for Mental Health ServicesUnited States
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesUnited States
CMV Center for Minority VeteransUnited States
CNPP Center for Nutrition Policy and PromotionUnited States
CNS Corporation for National ServiceUnited States
CO Cabinet Office United Kingdom
CO CO Cabinet Office United Kingdom
Conrail Consolidated Rail CorporationUnited States
CONSER Cooperative Online SerialsUnited States
COP Coastal Ocean ProgramUnited States
COPS Office of Community Oriented Policing ServicesUnited States
CPI Consumer Price IndexUnited States
CPMS Defense Civilian Personnel Management ServiceUnited States
CPO Corrections Program OfficeUnited States
CPSC Consumer Product Safety CommissionUnited States
CRC Civil Rights CenterUnited States
CRISP Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific ProjectsUnited States
CRP Conservation Reserve ProgramUnited States
CRS Congressional Research Service; Community Relations ServiceUnited States
CSAP Center for Substance Abuse PreventionUnited States
CSAT Center for Substance Abuse TreatmentUnited States
CSB Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation BoardUnited States
CSE Office of Child Support EnforcementUnited States
CSI Center for the Study of IntelligenceUnited States
CSPSCivil Service People Survey (Cabinet Office dataset)United Kingdom
CSR Center for Scientific ReviewUnited States
CSREES Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension ServiceUnited States
CTEP Cancer Therapy Evaluation ProgramUnited States
CUAP College and University Affiliations ProgramUnited States
CWC Chemical Weapons ConventionUnited States
CxD Chancellor’s Departments (APA, DMO, GAD, HMRC, HMT, NS&I, OBR)
United Kingdom
DA Department of the ArmyUnited States
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects AgencyUnited States
DAU Defense Acquisition UniversityUnited States
DCAA Defense Contract Audit AgencyUnited States
DCLG Department for Communities and Local GovernmentUnited Kingdom
DCMS Department for Culture, Media and Sport United Kingdom
DCSF Department for Children, Schools and FamiliesUnited Kingdom
DDC Defense Distribution CenterUnited States
DE&S Defence Equipment and Support (part of MoD)United Kingdom
DEA Drug Enforcement AdministrationUnited States
DeCA Defense Commissary AgencyUnited States
DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change
United Kingdom
Defra Department for Exiting the European UnionDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs United Kingdom
DEL Departmental Expenditure LimitUnited Kingdom
DESA Economic and Social CouncilUnited States
DESC Defense Energy Support CenterUnited States
DETRDepartment of the Environment, Transport and the RegionsUnited Kingdom
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting ServiceUnited States
DfE Department for Education
United Kingdom
DfEE Department for Education and EmploymentUnited Kingdom
DfES Department for Education and SkillsUnited Kingdom
DfID Department for International Department for International TradeUnited Kingdom
DfTDepartment for Transport United Kingdom
DHDepartment of HealthUnited Kingdom
DIA Defense Intelligence AgencyUnited States
DINFOS Defense Information SchoolUnited States
DISA Defense Information Systems AgencyUnited States
DITDepartment for International TradeUnited Kingdom
DIUSDepartment for Innovation, Universities and SkillsUnited Kingdom
DLA Defense Intelligence AgencyUnited States
DLAPS Defense Logistics Agency Publishing SystemUnited States
DLIS Defense Logistics Information ServiceUnited States
DLSA Defense Legal Services AgencyUnited States
DMDC Defense Manpower Data CenterUnited States
DMODebt Management Debt Management OfficeUnited Kingdom
DNFSB Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety BoardUnited States
DNSC Defense National Stockpile CenterUnited States
DOC Department of CommerceUnited States
DOD Department of DefenseUnited States
DODEA Department of Defense Education ActivityUnited States
DoDISS DoD Index of Specifications and StandardsUnited States
DoDSSP Single Stock Point for Specifications and StandardsUnited States
DOE Department of EnergyUnited States
DOI Department of the InteriorUnited States
DOJ Department of JusticeUnited States
DOL Department of LaborUnited States
DORRA DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource AnalysisUnited States
DOS Department of StateUnited States
DOT Department of TransportationUnited States
DPC Domestic Policy CouncilUnited States
DPCPDPCP Department of Prices and Consumer ProtectionUnited Kingdom
DPL Denied Persons ListUnited States
DPM Deputy Prime MinisterUnited Kingdom
DPMO Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel OfficeUnited States
DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing ServiceUnited States
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation AgencyUnited States
DSS Defense Security ServiceUnited States
DTIC Defense Technical Information CenterUnited States
DTLR Department of Transport, Local Government and the RegionsUnited Kingdom
DTRA Defense Threat Reduction AgencyUnited States
DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (part of DfT)United Kingdom
DWP Department for Work and Pensions United Kingdom
EAR Export Administration RegulationsUnited States
ECA Bureau of Educational and Cultural AffairsUnited States
ECI National Institute on Early Childhood Development and EducationUnited States
ECIE Executive Council on Integrity and EffiencyUnited States
ECOSOC Economic and Social CouncilUnited States
ECP Emergency Conservation ProgramUnited States
ED Department of EducationUnited States
EDA Economic Development AdministrationUnited States
EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and RetrievalUnited States
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionUnited States
EHP Environmental Health PerspectivesUnited States
EIA Energy Information AdministrationUnited States
EIS Epidemic Intelligence ServiceUnited States
EM Office of Environmental ManagementUnited States
EML Environmental Measurement LaboratoryUnited States
ENC Eisenhower National ClearinghouseUnited States
EO Executive OrderUnited States
EO Executive officer (civil service grade)United Kingdom
EOAF Executive Office for Asset ForfeitureUnited States
EOIR Executive Office for Immigration ReviewUnited States
EOUSA Executive Office for United States AttorneysUnited States
EOWS Executive Office of Weed and SeedUnited States
EPA Environmental Protection AgencyUnited States
EREN Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy NetworkUnited States
ERG Efficiency and Reform Group (part of CO)United Kingdom
ERIC Educational Resources Information CenterUnited States
ERL Environmental Research LaboratoriesUnited States
EROD Education Resource Organizations DirectoryUnited States
ERS Economic Research ServiceUnited States
ESA Employment Standards Administration; Economics and Statistics AdministrationUnited States
ESDIM Environmental Services Data and Information ManagementUnited States
ETA Employment and Training AdministrationUnited States
Ex-Im Bank Export-Import Bank of the United StatesUnited States
FAA Federal Aviation AdministrationUnited States
Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage AssociationUnited States
FAO Food and Agriculture OrganizationUnited States
FAR Federal Acquisition RegulationUnited States
Farmer Mac Federal Agricultural Mortgage CorporationUnited States
FAS Federal Agricultural Mortgage CorporationUnited States
FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory BoardUnited States
FBI Federal Bureau of InvestigationUnited States
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information ServiceUnited States
FCA Farm Credit AdministrationUnited States
FCC Federal Communications CommissionUnited States
FCIC Federal Consumer Information Center; Federal Crop Insurance CorporationUnited States
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeUnited Kingdom
FDA Food and Drug AdministrationUnited States
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationUnited States
FEC Federal Election CommissionUnited States
FEDRIP Federal Research in Progress DatabaseUnited States
FEMA Federal Emergency Management AgencyUnited States
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionUnited States
Fermilab Fermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUnited States
FFB Federal Financing BankUnited States
FHA Federal Housing AdministrationUnited States
FHFB Federal Housing Finance BoardUnited States
FHWA Federal Highway AdministrationUnited States
FIA Federal Insurance AdministrationUnited States
FINCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement NetworkUnited States
FIPS Federal Information Processing StandardUnited States
FLC Federal Laboratory ConsortiumUnited States
FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training CenterUnited States
FLRA Federal Labor Relations AuthorityUnited States
FMC Federal Maritime CommissionUnited States
FMCS Federal Mediation and Conciliation ServiceUnited States
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety AdministrationUnited States
FMLA Family and Medical Leave ActUnited States
FMS Financial Management ServiceUnited States
FMSHRC Federal Mine Safety and Health Review CommissionUnited States
FNCS Food, Nutrition, and Consumer ServicesUnited States
FNMA Federal National Mortgage AssociationUnited State
FNS Food and NutSpecial rition ServiceUnited States
FoIFreedom of Information
United Kingdom
FOIA Freedom of Information ActUnited States
FOMC Federal Open Market CommitteeUnited States
FPDC Federal Procurement Data CenterUnited States
FR RegisterUnited States
FRA Federal Railroad AdministrationUnited States
FRB Federal Reserve BoardUnited States
FRS Federal Reserve System; Federal Relay ServiceUnited States
FRTIB Federal Retirement Thrift Investment BoardUnited States
FS Forest ServiceUnited States
FSA Farm Service Agency; Office of Federal Student AidUnited States
FSIS Food Safety and Inspection ServiceUnited States
FSS Federal Supply ServiceUnited States
FTA Federal Transit AdministrationUnited States
FTC Federal Trade CommissionUnited States
FTEFull-time equivalentUnited Kingdom
FTS Federal Technology ServiceUnited States
FWS Fish and Wildlife ServiceUnited States
FYSB Family and Youth Services BureauUnited States
G6, G7Grade 6 and Grade 7 (civil service gradeUnited Kingdom
GAD Government Actuary’s DepartmentUnited Kingdom
GAO General Accounting OfficeUnited States
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and TradeUnited States
GCMD Global Change Master DirectoryUnited States
GILS Government Information Locator ServiceUnited States
Ginnie Mae Government National Mortgage AssociationUnited States
GIPSA Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards AdministrationUnited States
GIS Geographic Information SystemsUnited States
GNIS Geographic Names Information SystemUnited States
GNMA Government National Mortgage AssociationUnited States
GPO Government Printing OfficeUnited States
GPRA Government Performance and Results ActUnited States
GPS Global Positioning SystemUnited States
GSA General Services AdministrationUnited States
GSFC Goddard Space Flight CenterUnited States
GWA Governmentwide Accounting Project GroupUnited States
GwoB Government Without BoundariesUnited States
HABHIV/AIDS BureauUnited States
HAC Health Administration CenterUnited States
HCS Home Civil Service (all civil servants in UK, Scottish and Welsh governments)United Kingdom
Her Majesty’s TreasuryUnited Kingdom
HHS Department of Health and Human ServicesUnited States
HIRS Health Information Resources ServiceUnited States
HMRC Her Majesty’s Revenue and CustomsUnited Kingdom
HOHome OfficeUnited Kingdom
HPCC High Performance Computing and CommunicationsUnited States
HRSA Health Resources and Services AdministrationUnited States
HSB Head Start BureauUnited States
HUD Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentUnited States
IA Import AdministrationUnited States
IACB Indian Arts and Crafts BoardUnited States
IADRWG Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working GroupUnited States
IAEA International Atomic Energy AgencyUnited States
IAEGC Inter-Agency Electronic Grants CommitteeUnited States
IAF Inter-American FoundationUnited States
IBB International Broadcasting BureauUnited States
ICAF Industrial College of the Armed ForcesUnited States
ICAO International Civil Aviation OrganizationUnited States
ICC Interstate Commerce CommissionUnited States
IfGInstitute for GovernmentUnited Kingdom
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting StandardsUnited Kingdom
IHS Indian Health ServiceUnited States
IIP International Information ProgramsUnited States
ILAB Bureau of International Labor AffairsUnited States
ILO International Labour OrganizationUnited States
IMLS Institute of Museum and Library ServicesUnited States
INEEL Idaho National Engineering and Environmental LaboratoryUnited States
INF Intermediate Range Nuclear ForcesUnited States
INL Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement AffairsUnited States
INS Immigration and Naturalization ServiceUnited States
INSS Institute for National Strategic StudiesUnited States
INTERPOL International Criminal Police OrganizationUnited States
IO Bureau of International Organization AffairsUnited States
IOM International Organization for MigrationUnited States
IPA Infrastructure and Projects Authority (part of CO and HMT, successor to the MPA)United Kingdom
IRMC Information Resources Management CollegeUnited States
IRS Internal Revenue ServiceUnited States
ITInformation TechnologyUnited Kingdom
ITA International Trade AdministrationUnited States
ITC United States International Trade CommissionUnited States
JAG Judge Advocate GeneralUnited States
JCS Joint Chiefs of StaffUnited States
JEC Joint Economic CommitteeUnited States
JFSC Joint Forces Staff CollegeUnited States
JPL Jet Propulsion LaboratoryUnited States
JSC Johnson Space CenterUnited States
KAPL Knolls Atomic Power LaboratoryUnited States
KSC Kennedy Space CenterUnited States
LANL Los Alamos National LaboratoryUnited States
LawLaw officers (AGO, Office of the Advocate General for Scotland)United Kingdom
LBL Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUnited States
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUnited States
LOC Library of CongressUnited States
LOCIS Library of Congress Information SystemUnited States
LSC Legal Services CorporationUnited States
MAC Market Access and ComplianceUnited States
MARAD Maritime AdministrationUnited States
MARVEL Machine Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic LibraryUnited States
MBDA Minority Business Development AgencyUnited States
MCHB Maternal and Child Health BureauUnited States
MCTL Militarily Critical Technologies ListUnited States
MedPAC Medicare Payment Advisory CommissionUnited States
MeSH Medical Subject HeadingsUnited States
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee AgencyUnited States
MMS Minerals Management ServiceUnited States
MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly ReportUnited States
MoDMinistry of Defence United Kingdom
MoGMachinery of governmentUnited Kingdom
MoJMinistry of JusticeUnited Kingdom
MPA Major Projects Authority (part of CO)United Kingdom
MSA Metropolitan Statistical AreaUnited States
MSEL Materials Science and Engineering LibraryUnited States
MSHA Mine Safety and Health AdministrationUnited States
MSPB Merit Systems Protection BoardUnited States
NACIC National Counterintelligence CenterUnited States
NAFTA North American Free Trade AgreementUnited States
NAL National Agricultural LibraryUnited States
NAONational Audit OfficeUnited Kingdom
NARA National Archives and Records AdministrationUnited States
NARFE National Association of Retired Federal EmployeesUnited States
NASA National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationUnited States
NASM National Air and Space MuseumUnited States
NASS National Agricultural Statistics ServiceUnited States
NBII National Biological Information InfrastructureUnited States
NBL New Brunswick LaboratoryUnited States
NCCNational Coordinating Center for TelecommunicationsUnited States
NCCAMNational Center for Complementary and Alternative MedicineUnited States
NCCDPHPNational Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health PromotionUnited States
NCCICNational Child Care Information CenterUnited States
NCDNational Council on DisabilityUnited States
NCDCNational Climatic Data CenterUnited States
NCEHNational Center for Environmental HealthUnited States
NCESNational Center for Education StatisticsUnited States
NCHSNational Center for Health StatisticsUnited States
NCHSTPNational Center for HIV, STD, and TB PreventionUnited States
NCINational Cancer InstituteUnited States
NCIDNational Center for Infectious DiseasesUnited States
NCIPCNational Center for Injury Prevention and ControlUnited States
NCISNaval Criminal Investigative ServiceUnited States
NCJRSNational Criminal Justice Reference ServiceUnited States
NCLISNational Commission on Libraries and Information ScienceUnited States
NCPCNational Capital Planning CommissionUnited States
NCRRNational Center for Research ResourcesUnited States
NCSNational Communications SystemUnited States
NCTRNational Center for Toxicological ResearchUnited States
NCUANational Credit Union AdministrationUnited States
NCVHSNational Committee on Vital and Health StatisticsUnited States
NDICNational Drug Intelligence CenterUnited States
NDUNational Defense UniversityUnited State
NEANational Endowment for the ArtsUnited States
NECNational Economic CouncilUnited States
NEGP National Education Goals Panel (defunct)United States
NEHNational Endowment for the HumanitiesUnited States
NEI National Eye InstituteUnited States
NEIC National Earthquake Information CenterUnited States
NERSC National Energy Research Scientific Computing CenterUnited States
NESDIS National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information ServiceUnited States
NETL National Energy Technology LaboratoryUnited States
NFA National Fire AcademyUnited States
NGA National Gallery of ArtUnited States
NGDCNational Geophysical Data CenterUnited States
NGONon-governmental organisationUnited Kingdom
NGS National Geospatial Intelligence SchoolUnited States
NHI National Highway InstituteUnited States
NHIC National Health Information CenterUnited States
NHLBI National Heart, Lung and Blood InstituteUnited States
NHPRC National Historical Publications and Records CommissionUnited States
NHS National Health ServiceUnited Kingdom
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety AdministrationUnited States
NIA National Institute on AgingUnited States
NIAAANational Institute on Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismUnited States
NIAIDNational Institute of Allergy and Infectious DiseasesUnited States
NIAMSNational Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin DiseasesUnited States
NIC National Institute of CorrectionsUnited States
NICHDNational Institute of Child Health and Human DevelopmentUnited States
NICSNorthern Ireland Civil ServiceUnited Kingdom
NIDCD National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication DisordersUnited States
NIDCRNational Institute of Dental and Craniofacial ResearchUnited States
NIDDKNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney DiseaseUnited States
NIDRRNational Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation ResearchUnited States
NIEHSNational Institute of Environmental Health SciencesUnited States
NIFCNational Interagency Fire CenterUnited States
NIFLNational Institute for LiteracyUnited States
NIGCNational Indian Gaming CommissionUnited States
NIGMSNational Institute of General Medical SciencesUnited States
NIHNational Institutes of HealthUnited States
NIJNational Institute of JusticeUnited States
NIMANational Imagery and Mapping AgencyUnited States
NIMHNational Institute of Mental HealthUnited States
NINDSNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and StrokeUnited States
NINRNational Institute of Nursing ResearchUnited States
NIONorthern Ireland OfficeUnited Kingdom
NIOSHNational Institute for Occupational Safety and HealthUnited States
NIPANational Income and Product AccountsUnited States
NISTNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyUnited States
NISTIRNational Institute of Standards and Technology Interagency ReportUnited States
NLENational Library of EducationUnited States
NLRBNational Labor Relations BoardUnited States
NMBNational Mediation BoardUnited States
NMFSNational Marine Fisheries ServiceUnited States
NNSANational Nuclear Security AdministrationUnited States
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationUnited States
NODC#rowspan#National Oceanographic Data CenterUnited States
NOSNational Ocean ServiceUnited States
NPCRNational Program of Cancer RegistriesUnited States
NPOESSNational Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite SystemUnited States
NPSNational Park ServiceUnited States
NPTONational Petroleum Technology OfficeUnited States
NRNational Register of Historic PlacesUnited States
NRCNuclear Regulatory CommissionUnited States
NRCSNatural Resources Conservation ServiceUnited States
NRDPNational Rural Development PartnershipUnited States
NRENNational Research and Education NetworkUnited States
NREVSSNational Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance SystemUnited States
NRLNaval Research LaboratoryUnited States
NRONational Reconnaissance OfficeUnited States
NRPCNational Railroad Passenger CorporationUnited States
NS&I United States Statutes at LargeUnited Kingdom
NSANational Security AgencyUnited States
NSCNational Security CouncilUnited States
NSFNational Science FoundationUnited States
NSTLNational Space Technology LaboratoriesUnited States
NTIANational Telecommunications and Information AdministrationUnited States
NTISNational Technical Information ServiceUnited States
NTPNational Toxicology ProgramUnited States
NTSBNational Transportation Safety BoardUnited States
NVSSNational Vital Statistics SystemUnited States
NWCNational War CollegeUnited States
NWCGNational Wildfire Coordinating GroupUnited States
NWSNational Weather ServiceUnited States
NWTRBNuclear Waste Technical Review BoardUnited States
OA OA Office of AdministrationUnited States
OACOffice of Antiboycott ComplianceUnited States
OACUOffice of Animal Care and UseUnited States
OAITOffice of American Indian TrustUnited States
OALJOffice of Administrative Law JudgesUnited States
OAROffice of AIDS Research; Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric ResearchUnited States
OASOrganization of American StatesUnited State
OASDIOld-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability InsuranceUnited States
OATOffice for the Advancement of TelehealthUnited States
OBIOffice of Business InnovationsUnited States
OBLOffice of Business LiaisonUnited States
OBROffice for Budget ResponsibilityUnited Kingdom
OCCComptroller of the CurrencyUnited States
OCDOffice of Community DevelopmentUnited States
OCEOffice of the Chief EconomistUnited States
OCROffice for Civil RightsUnited States
OCRWM Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste ManagementUnited States
OCSOffice of Community ServicesUnited States
OCSEOffice of Child Support EnforcementUnited States
ODEPOffice of Disability Employment PolicyUnited States
ODPOffice of Disease PreventionUnited States
ODPMOffice of the Deputy Prime MinisterUnited Kingdom
OECAOffice of Enforcement and Compliance AssuranceUnited States
OECDOrganization for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentUnited States
OEGTOffice of Electronic Government and TechnologyUnited States
OELAOffice of English Language AcquisitionUnited States
OERIOffice of Educational Research and ImprovementUnited States
OESBureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific AffairsUnited States
OESEOffice of Elementary and Secondary EducationUnited States
OFAOffice of Family AssistanceUnited States
OFACOffice of Foreign Assets ControlUnited States
OFCCPOffice of Federal Contract Compliance ProgramsUnited States
OFHEOOffice of Federal Housing Enterprise OversightUnited States
OFMOffice of Financial ManagementUnited States
OFROffice of the Federal RegisterUnited States
OGEOffice of Government EthicsUnited States
OGPOffice of Government wide PolicyUnited States
OGWDWOffice of Ground Water and Drinking WaterUnited States
OHASISOffice of Health and Safety Information SystemUnited States
OHRPOffice for Human Research ProtectionsUnited States
OIGOffice of the Inspector General (USA)United States
OIIAOffice of Intergovernmental and Interagency AffairsUnited States
OJJDPOffice of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency PreventionUnited States
OJPOffice of Justice ProgramsUnited States
OLAWOffice of Laboratory Animal WelfareUnited States
OLMSOffice of Labor Management StandardsUnited States
OMAOOffice of Marine and Aviation OperationsUnited States
OMAROffice of Medical Applications of ResearchUnited States
OMAROffice of Medical Applications of ResearchUnited States
OMHOffice of Minority HealthUnited States
OMHAROffice of Multifamily Housing Assistance RestructuringUnited States
OMMOffshore Minerals Management ProgramUnited States
ONDCPOffice of National Drug Control PoliyUnited States
ONROffice of Naval ResearchUnited States
ONSOffice for National StatisticsUnited Kingdom
OPA Office of Population AffairsUnited States
OPEOffice of Postsecondary EducationUnited States
OPECOrganization of Petroleum Exporting CountriesUnited States
OPHSOffice of Public Health and Science Office of Public Health and ScienceUnited States
OPICOverseas Private Investment CorporationUnited States
OPMOffice of Personnel ManagementUnited States
OPPTSOffice of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic SubstancesUnited States
ORAOffice of Research and ApplicationsUnited States
ORACBAOffice of Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit AnalysisUnited States
ORDOffice of Rare DiseasesUnited States
ORHPOffice of Rural Health PolicyUnited States
ORIOffice of Research IntegrityUnited States
ORMHOffice of Research on Minority HealthUnited States
ORNLOak Ridge National LaboratoryUnited States
ORROffice of Refugee ResettlementUnited States
ORWHOffice of Research on Women's HealthUnited States
OSACOverseas Security Advisory CouncilUnited States
OSBPOffice of Small Business Office of Small Business ProgramsUnited States
OSCOffice of Special CounselUnited States
OSCAROnline System for Central Accounting ReportingUnited Kingdom
OSCEOffice of Child Support EnforcementUnited States
OSDBUOffice of Small and Disadvantaged Business UtilizationUnited States
OSERSOffice of Special Education and Rehabilitative ServicesUnited States
OSFOffice of Space FlightUnited States
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health AdministrationUnited States
OSHRCOccupational Safety and Health Review CommissionUnited States
OSMOffice of Surface Mining; Office of Spectrum ManagementUnited States
OSTOffice of Science and Technology; Office of the Secretary of TransportationUnited States
OSTIOffice of Scientific and Technical InformationUnited States
OSTPOffice of Science and Technology PolicyUnited States
OSWER Office of Solid Waste and Emergency ResponseUnited States
OTAOffice of Technology AssmentUnited States
OTJOffice of Tribal JusticeUnited States
OTSOffice of Thrift SupervisionUnited States
OTTOffice of Transportation TechnologiesUnited States
OVAEOffice of Vocational and Adult EducationUnited States
OVCOffice for Victims of CrimeUnited States
OWBOOffice of Women's Business OwnershipUnited States
OWCPOffice of Workers' Compensation ProgramsUnited States
OWHOffice on Women's HealthUnited States
PAC Public Accounts CommitteeUnited Kingdom
PAHO Pan American Health OrganizationUnited States
PAMOffice of Acquisition and Property ManagementUnited States
PASCPublic Administration Select Committee
United Kingdom
PBGCPension Benefit Guaranty CorporationUnited States
PBSPublic Buildings ServiceUnited States
PCPeace CorpsUnited States
PCBEPresident's Council on BioethicsUnited States
PCCPanama Canal CommissionUnited States
PCIEPresident's Council on Integrity and EfficiencyUnited States
PESAPublic Expenditure Statistical AnalysesUnited Kingdom
PFIABPresident's Foreign Intelligence Advisory BoardUnited States
PHAPublic Housing AgencyUnited States
PHNCenter for Population, Health and NutritionUnited States
PHPPOPublic Health Practice Program OfficeUnited States
PHPSPublic Health Prevention ServiceUnited States
PHSPublic Health ServiceUnited States
PHTNPublic Health Training NetworkUnited States
PIHOffice of Public and Indian HousingUnited States
PLLINational Institute on Post secondary Education, Libraries, and Lifelong LearningUnited States
PMPrime MinisterUnited Kingdom
PNNLPacific Northwest National LaboratoryUnited States
POW/MPPrisoner of War/Missing PersonnelUnited States
PPQPlant Protection and QuarantineUnited States
PRCPostal Rate CommissionUnited States
PRMBureau of Population, Refugees, and MigrationUnited States
PSCProgram Support CenterUnited States
PSEPublic Sector Employment (ONS dataset)United Kingdom
PTOPatent and Tradmark OfficeUnited States
PUMSPublic Use Microdata SamplesUnited States
PWBAPension and Welfare Benefits AdministrationUnited States
Q (Q1 etc.)QuarterUnited Kingdom
QDSQuarterly Data SummaryUnited Kingdom
RAReserve AffairsUnited States
RAG Red – Amber – GreenUnited Kingdom
RAMEResource Departmental Expenditure LimitUnited Kingdom
RBSRural Business-Cooperative ServiceUnited States
RDRural DevelopmentUnited States
RDELResource Departmental Expenditure LimitUnited Kingdom
REEResearch, Education and EconomicsUnited States
REISRegional Economic Information System (Searchable REIS)United States
RHSRural HousinerviceUnited States
RICHSRural Information Center Health ServiceUnited States
RMARisk Management AgencyUnited States
ROTCReserve Officer Training CorpsUnited States
RRBRailroad Retirement BoardUnited States
RSARehabilitation Services AdministrationUnited States
RSPAResearch and Special Programs AdministrationUnited States
RUSRural Utilities ServiceUnited States
SAMHSASubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services AdministrationUnited States
SAVESystematic Alien Verification for EntitlementUnited States
SBASmall Business AdministrationUnited States
Scot Scotland OfficeUnited Kingdom
SCSSenior Civil ServiceUnited Kingdom
SDFS#rowspan#Safe and Drug-Free SchoolsUnited States
SDWISSafe Drinking Water Information SystemUnited States
SECSecurities and Exchange Commission; Space Environment CenterUnited States
SEDACSocioeconomic Data and Applications CenterUnited States
SEER#rowspan#Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End ResultsUnited States
SEO/HEOSenior Executive Officer/Higher Executive Officer (civil service grade)United Kingdom
SERCSmithsonian Environmental Research CenterUnited States
SGScottish GovernmentUnited Kingdom
SGLIService Members' Group Life InsuranceUnited States
SISmithsonian InstituteUnited States
SICStandard Industrial ClassificationUnited States
SIESOffice of Strategic Industries Economic SecurityUnited States
SITESSmithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition ServiceUnited States
SJIState Justice InstituteUnited States
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator CenterUnited States
SLSDCSaint Lawrence Seaway Development CorporationUnited States
SNLSavannah River SiteUnited States
SR Spending Review/Spending RoundUnited Kingdom
SRP Structural Reform PlanUnited Kingdom
SRSSavannah River SiteUnited States
SSSecret ServiceUnited States
SSASocial Security AdministrationUnited States
SSISupplemental Security Income ProgramUnited States
SSSSelective Service SystemUnited States
STARTSelective Service SystemUnited States
Stat.United States Statutes at LargeUnited States
STBSurface Transportation BoardUnited States
STIScientific and Technical InformationUnited States
TATechnology AdministrationUnited States
TAATrade Adjustment AssistanceUnited States
TANFTemporary Assistance for Needy FamiliesUnited States
TASCTransportation Administrative Service CenterUnited States
TDATrade and Development AgencyUnited States
TFFTreasury Forfeiture FundUnited States
TICTrade Information CenterUnited States
TIPSTerrorism Information and Prevention SystemUnited States
TME Total Managed ExpenditureUnited Kingdom
TSATransportation Security AdministrationUnited States
TSITransportation Security AdministrationUnited States
TSOTRICARE Support OfficeUnited States
TSPThrift Savings PlanUnited States
TVATennessee Valley AuthorityUnited States
UKREPUnited Kingdom Permanent Representation to the European UnionUnited Kingdom
VADepartment of Veterans AffairsUnited States
VBAVeterans' Employment and Training ServiceUnited States
VBAViolence Against Women OfficeUnited States
VETSVeterans' Employment and Training ServiceUnited States
VGLIVeterans' Group Life InsuranceUnited States
VHAVeterans Health AdministrationUnited States
VISTAVolunteers in Service to AmericaDepartment for Education and SkillsUnited States
VOAVoice of AmericaUnited States
WalWales Office
United Kingdom
WAPAWestern AreaAdministrationUnited States
WBWaterways Experiment StationUnited States
WGWelsh GovernmentUnited Kingdom
WGA Whole of Government AccountsUnited Kingdom
WHMOWhite House Military OfficeUnited States
WHOWorld Health OrganizationUnited States
WICWomen, Infants and Children, supplemental food program forUnited States
WMI Workforce Management InformationUnited Kingdom
WNETWomen's Network for Entrepreneurial TrainingUnited States
WTOWord Trade OrganisationUnited States
WSMRWhite Sands Missile RangeUnited States
ZIP (Code)Zone Improvement PlanUnited States

Sustainability Matters
Every purchase, big or small, has a footprint. But sustainability challenges don’t have a quick fix.
Organisation for Responsible Businesses.
Cancer Care Parcel Ltd. Registered in England and Wales.
Trading Address: Highstone House, 165 High Street, Barnet, Herts. EN5 5SU, UK. Registered Office: 7a High Street, Barnet, Herts, EN5 5UE.
Company Number 14415197, VAT number is GB428826076,  EORI number is XI428826076000