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Products For Bedridden Patients

People can be bed bound or bedridden for many reasons, for example, they may have just had surgery, they may have mobility issues or they may be end of life.  Bed bound and bedridden patient care is very important.

The essential and not so essential products and medical supplies for bedridden patients in this section have been curated by us and are sold on Amazon by independent retailers.

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Bed-bound/Bedridden patient care

Whatever the reason someone is unable to leave one's bed, there will be many similar needs. Whether you are a patient or caregiver of someone who is confined to bed, bedridden patient care is very important. Bed-bound or bedridden patients require certain products and medical supplies for maximum comfort, cleanliness, and dignity.

Some issues that need to be considered for bedridden patients

How can bedsores be prevented

  • Turning and repositioning the patient every 2 hours
  • Sitting upright and straight in a wheelchair, changing position every 15 minutes
  • Have soft padding in wheelchairs and beds to reduce pressure
  • Get good skin care products and a good skin care routine, keep the skin clean and dry
  • Providing good nutrition because without enough calories, vitamins, minerals, fluids, and protein, bed sores can’t heal.
  • Inspect the skin for areas of redness (the first sign of skin breakdown) every day.

Hygiene tips for a bed bound patient

  • Bathing regularly and keeping the body clean
  • Keeping the hair clean
  • Trim nails
  • Change bedding
  • Brush teeth after meals
  • Keep the room clean and tidy
  • (If being used) there needs to be easy access to toilet facilities such as a commode

To read more about helping a bedridden patient click here.

Products for bedridden patients

This collection has carefully selected items for any patient who is temporarily or permanently bed bound or bedridden, post-surgery/mastectomy, convalescing, or end of life.

Supporting The Cancer Community

As with all the products on this site, profit from selling these supplies is used toward raising awareness, supporting charity fundraising and providing information to the wider community.

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