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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

I’m a mother of an 18 months old son. Unfortunately, I have cancer.

Written by Joyce Moralis on 
1st June, 2019
Updated: 29th January, 2024
Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

.. one year ago they told me I had liver cancer and wouldn’t make it till September

Now here we are one year later and I’m still here 🙏🏼 my condition is stable at the moment which is not good or bad

I’m a very positive person and full of life 🙂. I’m trying to inspire others with my way of life to fight and be positive don’t give up and enjoy life to the fullest!

Everything is possible if you just believe hard enough 🙏🏼🧡

Since Monday I started another way of life .. I want to make my Body healthy again, alcalic and strong. I lost so much weight the past months by fighting against this terrible nasty disease 😢. My body is so weak and I am so skinny it just scares me when I see pictures of myself ..  but my mind always stayed strong 💪🏼 I believe that’s why I’m still here !

So from now on I’m gonna help my body fight the biggest battle of my life 🙏🏼 not by taking more pills but by eating more healthy and also gain weight of course.

I’m eating 6 times a day and this time only the good stuff !! Veggies, fruit, clean meat, .. 🍌🍓🥝🥒🥩🍗 no more sugar for me !!

Maybe that’s even the most important thing.

I’m gonna stop feeding this cancer, I’m gonna beat it and kill this just watch me I have no other choice,

I don’t want my little one to grow up without his mother. I’m gonna survive 🤞🏼🙏🏼

I hope I can reach out to people with my story to keep fighting and stay positive no matter what 🙏🏼🧡

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