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Top Four UK Groups That Give Free Cancer Gifts: 2018

Written by Cancer Care Parcel on 
13th February, 2018
Updated: 26th September, 2021
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Free Cancer Gifts Seal 2018We ...researched ...voted ...listened ...chatted ... and researched some more.

We came up with these top four UK charities and voluntary groups that will give you free cancer gifts if you have a cancer diagnosis.

If you don't agree with our 'Freebies Gifts For Cancer Patients' list or you would like to nominate an entry for 2019 please get in touch.


Top Four UK Groups That Give Cancer Freebies - In Alphabetical Order

Can Survive Wigtownshire

Can Survive Wigtownshire is a pro-active social/activity group open to males and females affected by cancer. ‘Can Survive’ is a next step in ‘moving forward’.

Ellies Friends

Ellie’s Friends is dedicated to improving the lives of adults living with cancer, all around the UK.

The help to reinstate ‘treats’ and give registered users a bit of a lift at a difficult time.

Free stuff for cancer patients is available to anyone over 16 from Ellies Friends.  The cancer patients needs to either be in active cancer treatment or recovering from cancer treatment.

Visit their freebies page to see the selection of gifts currently available.

The Ellen Macarther Cancer Trust

The Trust provides free gifts for cancer patients to help young people with a cancer diagnosis rebuild lost confidence and to discover a future they might never have thought was possible.

For 8 - 17 Year Olds 

On a Trust trip young people are unwrapped from the cotton wool that has protected them whilst on treatment. They can play, make friends, push boundaries and really laugh. They can be young again.

For 18 - 24 Year Olds

A Trust trip for an 18-24 year old can be the first step to that young person rediscovering the confidence to fulfil their potential.

Something To Look Forward To

Something to look forward to provide a comprehensive website where people with cancer and their families can access a variety of free stuff for cancer patients.  These freebies for cancer patients are donated by both companies and individuals.

These include free breaks in holiday cottages; restaurant meals; a day at the races; hotel stays; theatre tickets; beauty treatments; tickets for attractions… the list is endless.

You can find a gift here


Thoughtful, Appropriate and Therapy Safe Cancer Gift Hampers

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10 comments on “Top Four UK Groups That Give Free Cancer Gifts: 2018”

  1. Eva Osborne says:

    I have stage 3 stomach lymph node cancer. I start chemo this Friday.

    1. Cancer Care Parcel says:

      Good luck with the chemo. We hope it goes OK.

  2. Hi is there any retreats you know of where cancer survivors meet - where they can share experiences. I’m at a cross road in my life after cancer. I’m 5 years clear and just realis3d it’s hit me - I’m ready to give up on a lot of stuff and a bit lost

    1. Cancer Care Parcel says:

      I am not aware of any but its a great idea. I am sorry you feel so bad. Can you give Macmillen a call as they may be able to help?

    2. Penny Brohn is a great place to have a couple nights break and join others in the same dark place as your in .I went and came out seeing he light...?give it a go and take free it's in Bristol UK butnworth it 100%im a terminal lung Mets from breast started in 1995 and my positive thinking helps but dark days creep up but find some sunshine even in a book and lift your spirits...good luck xxxx

  3. I feel lost.
    I was diagnosed with Colon cancer last week.
    Everyone else is sad but getting in With their own life......

    1. Ann Marie Hughes says:

      I was diagnosed with Colon cancer too this Wednesday (two days ago) and I am having major surgery this coming Monday. I agree everyone seems sad, yet here I am facing it head on and taking each day as it comes. The ones I thought would be my rock and there for me, are in bits and I feel like I am in this alone, but I know I will fight it either way even if I am on my own. Maybe it's the shock that they are this way and once I ask for help they may just be there. Good luck

  4. Mandy Maddox says:

    I have throat canicer for the second time but this time it's terminal so I just get morphine to ease the pain a little. I feel for all of you and I pray with all my heart that you are blessed with successful treatment and go on to live healthy happy lives with you families. And last but NOT least. 'Be lucky'

    1. Cancer Care Parcel says:

      Very sorry to hear this ❤️

  5. Anonymous says:


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