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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

Breast Cancer Support

Office 185, 88 Lower Marsh, London, United Kingdom SE1 7AB

Breast Cancer Support is a UK charity providing care, and helping people with breast cancer in poverty stricken countries who can’t afford medication or treatment.

We believe that where people live with breast cancer be it a woman or a man shouldn’t determine if they live. So we’re fighting breast cancer in countries across the globe to reduce breast cancer mortality worldwide.

Supported by doctors, dentists and other medical professionals, BCS aims to alleviate pain and discomfort around the world through making medicine, medical expertise and medical equipment readily available to those living in poverty stricken countries and communities.

We do not regard medicine and the ability to see a medical professional in your hour of need as a privilege but a basic human right every man, woman and child should have regardless of their geographical location, race, age, creed, background or any other factor.

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Phone: 0300 80 80 900

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