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Crypto Bozos NFT - "Support Cancer Awareness in Style."

Written by Siraj Ali on 
18th May, 2022
Updated: 29th January, 2024
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My daughter's best friend's sibling was just diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia

This is a type of blood cancer and sadly, at the time, all we could do was offer emotional support and help the family register at the stem cell donor list. The family was devastated.

Realizing there was more we could do to help and raise awareness for cancer, I started looking into opportunities like boot sales, school bake sales, and art sales. Due to Covid restrictions, nothing happened throughout the summer. As a father, I knew my daughter was artistic. I had recommended to my kid that she keep working on her creative art and we may turn some of it into digital art works later.

Over the christmas holidays 2021 to keep the kids occupied I decided to get them involved in some basic creative projects.

I learned how to make 10,000 NFTs in under an hour via YouTube. More reading piqued my interest. When I started the clip, I realized it would take more than an hour to finish because it required more than just copying and pasting code. Having a tech background, I spent some time acquiring plugins and working out how to generate 10,000 unique NFTs. On Christmas Day, we sat around the table with our kids and family and talked about how we'll be creating Pixel NFT art. Thrilled that the youngsters were immediately enthralled. It was time for the youngsters to start drawing on 15x15 grid paper that I'd printed off.

We've come up with some really amazing ideas and concepts.

To make it easier for younger children, I decided to keep the grid at 15 × 15 squares. We used free online tools to create our graphics. After much brainstorming, we decided on a more human-like facial design. Then we had to figure out how to change our character's attributes. This was the kids' favorite part of the the creative process. To organize our 7777 -item collection, we had to search for over a hundred different layers.

The project started as a tiny goal of raising cancer awareness

It also nurtured my daughter's creative passion is now a reality through these pixel NFTs. Each bozo represents a different type of cancer ribbon,  furthermore hidden within our collection are 7 unique golden ribbons each symbolizing a positive affirmation created by children and inspired by the bozo community. We are now in minting live for free to anyone to wants to show their support to cancer awareness into the metaverse. (webspace 3.0).

Free mints are limited so claim your bozo now before they are gone.

Gifts for raising cancer awareness

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