Deluxe Double Mastectomy Gift Package

Thoughtful Care Package For Double Mastectomy Patient

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Thoughtful Care Package For Double Mastectomy Patient


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✓ FOR DOUBLE MASTECTOMY RECOVERY: designed to be useful, comforting, and pampering for anyone (men and women) who has had a double (also called bilateral) mastectomy.

✓ THIS PACK COMES WITH 17 COMFORTING, PRACTICAL AND GENUINELY USEFUL ITEMS FOR MASTECTOMY PATIENTS. – Two Mastectomy Cushions, Straws, Slippers, Water Bottle, Antibacterial Gel, Toothbrush Set, Sleep Mask, Eye-Gel Mask, Lip Balm, Two Drain Bags, Bed Socks, Hand Cream, Super Soft Blanket, Port Pillow, Neck Pillow.

This gift package is assembled especially for you as soon as you place an order. Making these care hampers on demand instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction, so thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

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What Is In The Care Package For Double Mastectomy Patients?

This gift is thoughtfully arranged by people who understand what mastectomy patients want and need.

Post - Surgery Relief

✪ TWO PERFECTLY SHAPED CUSHIONS FOR POST MASTECTOMY: These heart-shaped pillows can be used under arms post-surgery to ease soreness.
✪ TWO DRAIN BAGS:  To carry your drains post-surgery. Designed specifically to fit over your shoulder for the drains to sit in without having to lift your arms or struggle.
✪ PORT PILLOW: A specially crafted pillow to attach to your seatbelt and ease discomfort.


✪ SLIPPERS: A bit of comfort for hospital or around the house.
✪ EYE GEL MASK: Helps to de-stress, relax and take some time out.
✪ LIP BALM: Moisturising lip balm to soothe and protect.
✪ HAND CREAM: To relieve dry skin and for extra pampering.
✪ BED SOCKS: To stay warm and snuggly whilst convalescing.
✪ SLEEP MASK: To help shut out the world and get much-needed rest.


✪ SOFT BLANKET: A blanket can be a nice comforter at home when convalescing and also just for pampering.
✪ NECK PILLOW: For hospital, bed rest and journeys. Providing excellent support and to help with rest.

Practical Items

✪ STRAWS: Lifting a cup to your mouth immediately after a mastectomy is not easy. The straw shortens the distance between your mouth and the cup, which is useful when you can’t move your arms very well.
✪ TEETH CLEANING SET: A spare toothbrush and some toothpaste so you can always be able to refresh when you need to at hospital.
✪ HAND SANITISER: To stay germ-free at the hospital and beyond.

Useful Items

✪ WATER BOTTLE: Keeping hydrated is very important.

This cancer package provides peace of mind, knowing that you are giving items that will help with bilateral mastectomy recovery, plus providing comforting and pampering gifts.

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