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A New Cancer Support Forum For The Cancer Community On Facebook

Written by Cancer Care Parcel on 
2nd May, 2018
Updated: 27th June, 2022
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We are pleased to let you know that we now have a support community via a Facebook group, used for discussions by the cancer community.  This group is for anyone affected by cancer, including loved ones, friends, family members, colleagues, patients and caregivers. With a vibrant discussion board, this is an opportunity to connect with others in similar situations as you in a safe environment.

The support forum is a closed group, so only members will see what you are posting and not your Facebook (or other) friends.


How to join the cancer support forum

It is easy to join the group. simply go to, answer a few simple questions, and your in! and free to join in the discussion.

Expected behavior on the forum

We have created a safe space to encourage free-flowing cancer chat from anyone affected by cancer. The group is heavily moderated and we do not tolerate abuse of any kind. In addition, members are screened on entry to ensure that they will benefit and can make valid contributions to the group.

Anyone posting cancer cures, unsubstantiated remedies, offensive / insensitive comments, or abuse will get an immediate ban.

The group is designed to support and provide comfort, information and support both to and from the cancer community.

Would you like to help us keep cancer forums safe places for the cancer community?

We are always looking for page moderators to help us keep the forum safe and to grow the group,  so if you would like to help please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you on the group.

Further reading

Freebies For The Cancer Community

Information and Resources For Anyone Touched By The Cancer Experience

We strongly advise you to talk with a health care professional about specific medical conditions and treatments. The information on our site is meant to be helpful and educational but is not a substitute for medical advice.

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4 comments on “A New Cancer Support Forum For The Cancer Community On Facebook”

  1. Quick recovery to all cancer patients .....there is light at the end of the tunnel

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