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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

Do You Want To Tell People About Your Cancer Journey?

Written by Cancer Care Parcel on 
11th February, 2022
Updated: 3rd March, 2022
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We are looking for guest bloggers to tell our readers about their cancer experience.

We prefer to publish positive articles that we believe either benefit/support people with cancer or are informative to people who do not have cancer.

You can submit posts about your personal experiences as follows:-

As a cancer patient

By letting people understand your cancer journey you could be helping cancer patients, their friends and loved ones improve their health and life, by providing information and support.

We would like to hear about

  • Your cancer diagnosis
    • how you got your diagnosis
    • how you felt when you were diagnosed
    • how the diagnosis affected you and those around you
  • Your treatment
    • What therapies/treatments did you have and how were they?
    • Can you give any advice for others who might face the same treatment?
    • How did you cope and/or deal with any treatment side effects?
    • Tips for dealing with treatment side effects, for example what did you change any of your normal habits during chemotherapy or radiotherapy?
  • Tips for living with cancer
  • Your support network (or lack of).
  • Recovery tips.
  • Tips on how to treat someone with cancer.
  • Were there any services, resourses or support groups that you found paricularly useful.

Health professionals/doctors/therapists

What experiences/knowledge can you share that could benefit someone with cancer, their friends, and their family? Do you run a cancer support group, do cancer research, support anyone with cancer in a hospital, deliver chemotherapy/radiotherapy/cancer treatments, provide cancer resources, help with treatment side effects, give relief to people living with cancer? Please let us know about your work.


Please give us the details of any product or services that you have/or are developing, that will have a positive impact on cancer patients or might benefit our readers.   What is your back story and why did you develop this product?


If you have written a book about a cancer experience, explaining certain aspects of cancer or tips for a person with cancer or their friends, family, loved ones, we want hear about it.

Caregivers, relatives, friends, loved ones

We want to hear about your experiences too. Is there anything you can share to make the life of a cancer patient, their carers, loved ones, and family easier?

How to submit an article

For further advice regarding what to submit please go to our Submission Guidelines.

You will get full credit for your article and if you like we can put your picture and a biography.

Whether you have cancer now or were affected by cancer as a survivor, friend, loved one, professional or carer, we would like to hear from you.

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