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For Everyone Touched By Cancer

Annie Pateman

I was 3 months pregnant and had a lot of pain in my left leg.  The journey to find the crux of this pain was going to be almost as diabolical as discovering the diagnosis. Another three months passed and I went for my six-month check-up to my obstetrician at the local hospital. He told me everything was fine… but it definitely was not!! I weighed 42 kilos and my left leg was abnormally swollen. I’d been dealing with chronic pain every day for almost 18 months.  I was soon to discover my life would change forever. My name is Annie Pateman, I was born in Paris France and now live in Melbourne, Australia. I am married with two children Luke and Jessica and son-in-law Sean who have provided me with 2 beautiful grandsons.  I thought I would write my story, because there was a lot of interest each time I told it.  It was suggested I should write a book or they asked to buy my book, as people found my story inspirational. I also thought it would be a legacy for my grandchildren. So I decided to sit down and start writing, this in itself was an 11 Year journey and has now finally been published on the 28th February 2020 by Austin Macauley..  My message is to give hope to anyone who faces any adversity, illness or setbacks in life and to encourage them to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.
The Strength Within: How I Overcame Cancer Three Times

You May Think There Is No Hope – There Is Always Hope, You Are The Captain Of Your Ship So Steer It Towards The Light At The End Of The Tunnel! Good Luck!

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