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Valentines Day And Your Cancer: Spending Time With The One You Love

Written by Cancer Care Parcel on 
17th August, 2021
Updated: 27th September, 2021
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Valentines Day And Cancer: Spending Time With The One You LoveOn Valentine’s Day, a day of love, we traditionally show our partner how much they mean to us and spoil them.  But sometimes it's not easy.  We suggest that, if you can this year include those who have helped you through your cancer experience and look after you on the day that is all about you.

Here are some suggestions to help you through this special day

1. Spend time with your partner or loved ones not Cancer

Spend time with your partner, friends or loved ones, not cancer.  Go for a meal, order a takeaway or cook at home.  Make a pact that you will not speak about cancer for the evening.  You and your partner, friends or loved ones are invited. Cancer most definitely isn’t.

2. People who have helped you

Meet up with someone who has helped you through your cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Go for a meal or to see a film. Celebrate your love for life and each other and your journey so far.

3. Connect with your partner

As a cancer patient and a caregiver, you may both be feeling tired.  Time together without pressures and distractions may be just what’s needed.  Life can be overwhelming and filled with pressure without cancer, treatment, operations and appointments.  Find time to be together.

4.  Intimacy

Make time to connect with each other.  If you are up to it, hold hands, kiss, give a back rub or cuddle.  Intimacy can take different forms and physical touch can make all the difference in ensuring you do not feel alone.

5. Write to your loved ones

A poem or letter showing your love and appreciation will be something to be treasured.  It could be made into a bouquet by tying it to balloons or putting into a cute coffee mug.  You could also take the time to write a journal detailing all the things in life that you truly love and are grateful for.

6.  Spend quality time together

Chat, listen to music or watch a favourite film while holding hands.  Great comfort and reassurance can be derived from touch.

7.  Treat yourself

Indulge yourself with your favourite treats  No feeling guilty either! It is one day in the year and you deserve it.  If A luxurious bath perhaps or if your treatment allows book yourself in for a facial, manicure or Spa day.  You could invite your partner, friend or other loved one with you to a Spa Day or other day out.

8.  Valentines cards

Send your partner, friends or other loved ones meaningful Valentine’s Day cards enclosing photographs and shared memories.

9.  Breakfast in Bed

Cancer probably means that you or your loved one won’t be able to enjoy a big breakfast but this does not have to stop a Valentine’s Day Surprise tray in bed.

10.  Errands and chores

Cancer patients often feel tired.  However, children and pets still need to be taken care of as do other chores around the home including grocery shopping and cooking. Cancer treatment won’t necessarily stop on Valentine’s Day.  You could also offer to help with transportation, driving to and collecting from appointments or other locations.


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